How to Read a Golf Green

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When you step foot on a green for the first time, the spine-tingling thrill of the unexpected combines with the skill learnt from every game you’ve played before. Because while you might play by rote on a course you know well, when you play for the first time on a new course, many golfers speak of how their game is thrown out along with previous putting success they felt was a dead cert. Sound familiar? In which case – read on to learn about the importance of knowing how to read a golf green.

At Constance Belle Mare Plage, the Legend course has a reputation amongst pros and amateurs alike as an exacting course, which is part of the appeal, where players are challenged by the winds coming offshore combined with sweeping fairways and greens. The setting for the annual European Senior Tour grand finale in December – the MCB Tour Championship – it’s where last year Colin Montgomerie played like a legend to hit the perfect hole in one at the 17th with an 8 Iron.

So whether you’re just learning or are a seasoned golfer, we’ve put together some of the best expert tips on how to read a golf green, to determine how to manage your putt and improve your game.

Tips on How to Read a Golf Green

1. Golf State of Mind

Included in the golf magazine’s 7 tips for better green reading they suggest:

• Identify where is the low point and find the big slopes
• Walk around the putt
• Pick your spot
• Always read the green from 100 yards in


Take a look at the video from Brad Redding for tips on reading the green to help you learn how to read the green every time.

While in this video focusing on how greenside sand stop blasts spin, gives this tip:

“Can’t spin the ball when you hit down? Take a wide stance, dig your feet in and keep your upper body back. Use a nice long spin using the bottom of the club. Keep your lower body still and move your upper body”.

3. Aim Point Green Reading

The technique in this video on how to read a golf green has had a lot of publicity – John Graham’s video demonstrates, in his words, ‘why what you see doesn’t match where you need to aim to make what you see show up’.

4. Golf Monthly

Graeme McDowell’s best green reading tips on Golf Monthly include:

“When faced with a putt with plenty of break, I try to get an image in my head of what the putt is going to look like in the form of an arc… If you have a dead straight putt, the ball will enter the hole at 6 o’clock, while a putt with lots of break might enter the hole at around 9 o’clock. This is a really helpful and valuable point to visualise and base your feel on.”

Watch the video to find out more.


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