Eco-Warriors at Constance Moofushi

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Meet Constance Moofushi’s marine biologist in residence and one of our avid eco-warriors, Jasmine Stone. Leading the way to conserve the breathtaking reefs, she works to ensure that this magnificent habitat can live on. 

Employees and guests can get involved to protect the environment at this beautiful Maldivian destination through a range of activities. Constance Hotels & Resorts is a gold member of the green globe certification and is committed to keeping the environment surrounding clean and sustainable.

Guests can appreciate and contribute to nature during their stay in the Maldives and enjoy an eco-conscious getaway in an idyllic paradise. 

Conserving The Reef

Through a range of activities led by Jasmine, positive change is driven. One of the ways in which guests can get involved is through the introduction of coral frames into the ocean. Guests are able to sponsor frames to be planted, as well as take part in making them. The intention is to encourage the expansion of this spectacular environment.

One of the most valuable ecosystems on the planet, coral reefs are vital for producing the oxygen that we breathe. It is also home to over 1,200 tropical species of fish which guests can spot during their stay. 

Protecting these diverse and breathtaking areas that surround Constance Moofushi is vital to ensure that the area is protected. 

Employee Eco-warriors

Constance Moofushi is frequented by some incredible visitors such as the majestic turtles. However, sometimes these beautiful creatures can run into trouble. 

Jasmine initiated turtle rescue training for staff members to ensure that employees knew how to respond immediately if they notice a turtle in distress. Often getting trapped in ghost nets, staff that are now eco-warriors are able to set turtles free. There are as many as 2 rescues a week.

Guests can hope to swim amongst these breathtaking creatures on diving experiences and swim alongside them as they slowly traverse the clear water of the Indian Ocean.

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Understanding The Wildlife

With the goal of discovering more about the enigmatic Manta Rays that can be spotted swimming by Constance Moofushi, Jasmine collects data for the local trust ‘Manta Trust’.

 She also assists with organisations such as the Whale Shark Research programme and Olive Ridley Project

Gathering information helps us to understand more about the incredible marine life that surrounds the island. Through the analysis of data, migratory patterns are revealed as well as individuals who return to Constance Moofushi and the surrounding areas. 

Team Cleans

Jasmine also regularly organises reef cleans. With the help of staff, she leads the team to remove debris and check on the coral frames to ensure they are thriving.

Regularly cleaning up the reef allows for it to be easily maintained and monitored so that issues can be responded to effectively. Maintaining such a beautiful environment that guests can enjoy during their visit without any damage is endlessly important, and Constance Hotels & Resorts strives to give back to nature in this way. 

Through sustainable initiatives such as these led by Jasmine, Constance Hotels & Resorts encourages eco-friendly tourism. Guests can enjoy the environment as well as give back and can leave after a relaxing and blissful holiday knowing that they gave back as eco-warriors.

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    Riaz Daud
    May 20, 2022 at 8:21 am

    Recently we ( My wife & Myself ) stayed @ Constance Ephelia Seychelles ….. we found it to be extermely guest friendly and very courteous staff . I would like to mention few names , Shetty ( Zee Bar ) , Atul , Ash , Andrew and few more ( I am forgetting names )
    Also very accomodating when we requested late check out …..
    Over all our experience was very pleasant and great property for relaxing holidays

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