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Recreate leisurely Indian Ocean lunches or starlit dinners of delicious seafood plucked fresh from the water with these cooking techniques, perfect for locking in flavour.

Grilled squid and Moofushi chilli tomato preserve

Grilled squid and Moofushi chilli tomato preserve

We all know a healthy diet should include protein-rich seafood with its high levels of omega-3 and a variety of health boosting nutrients but somehow at home it never seems as enticing as eating fresh seafood beside the ocean with sand between your toes.

Here are our tips for recreating the fresh seafood of the Indian Ocean in your own home.


Summer’s here and with the sunshine comes lazy weekends spent with friends gathered around the barbecue. If your usual instinct is to just throw on a few burgers and sausages then you’re missing a golden opportunity to create some stunning seafood dishes. Fish and barbecues go perfectly together, it’s how it’s been done in the Indian Ocean for centuries! Spice up your barbecued fish with our recipe for Balinese spicy marinade for red snapper from Constance Halaveli or this recipe for barbecued prawns and tomatoes from Constance Lémuria.


Just in case the weather doesn’t hold, or for the colder months, you can recreate the Indian Ocean flame grilled flavours in your kitchen by grilling instead of barbecuing. The same marinades will work and grilling is a healthy way of locking in flavour while retaining the nutrients of your seafood. Try this recipe for grilled squid with chilli tomato preserve from Constance Moofushi.


Poaching seafood is another excellent way of infusing flavour while locking in moisture and nutrients without adding any fats or oils. If you imagine that poaching seafood can leave it bland or flavourless then try our recipe for black Qwehli prawns poached with lemongrass, with stuffed Chinese chard and papaya chutney from Constance Belle Mare Plage.


If you start with great quality fresh seafood then you really don’t have to do much but let the flavours speak for themselves. Steaming is an easy, healthy way to prepare seafood, then simply pair it with a delicious Creole sauce for an authentic Indian Ocean flavour.

Delicious Creole recipes

Delicious Creole recipes


Baking is a great idea, particularly if you are cooking a whole fish, just remember to add moisture (lemon juice adds a great flavour) and either wrap in a paper/foil parcel or baste regularly to stop the fish from drying out. Try our recipe for baked red snapper with Creole Sauce from Constance Lémuria.

Raw like Sushi

Whether you marinate it, smoke it or create a delicious carpaccio, tartare or sushi, fresh seafood eaten raw is a delicious delicacy full of the flavours of the ocean and packed with rich nutrients. Check out our sushi master at Constance Halaveli’s top tips for creating the perfect sushi or try our recipe for fish tartare with coconut milk from Belle Mare Plage.

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