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Family diving holidays are becoming increasingly popular as parents introduce diving to their kids and watch their natural sense of curiosity and adventure come alive.

Family scuba diving holidays at Constance

Family scuba diving holidays at Constance

From as young as 8-years-old children at Constance can experience life underwater, under the close supervision of a highly qualified instructor, through diving courses like the PADI Bubblemaker offered at Constance Moofushi.

Your child will have a personal instructor who will introduce them to the scuba equipment and safety procedures before joining them in shallow waters (up to 2 metres) to meet some of the local marine life.

Nothing will prepare you for the joy of watching your little one’s eyes light up as they encounter their first coral reef or school of fish swimming by.

Older kids (from 10-years and over) can experience the thrill of open water diving with special training courses for 10-12-year-olds and beginners and junior courses for teens, so that they can feel the thrill of immersing themselves in this beautiful, alien environment.

The benefits of diving for children

While initial nerves are common, the sense of achievement and exhilaration our youngest divers feel on completing their first open water dive will send their confidence soaring, giving them that priceless sense that there’s nothing in the world they can’t do if they set their mind to it.

Great for improving coordination, gross motor skills, physical fitness and focus, the tranquil pace and stunning submarine vistas are also the perfect way for teenagers to take a break from the hectic digital world and relax as they connect with this strange new environment.

Incredible underwater environments

Incredible underwater environments

Scuba diving can be a great introduction to a number of subjects from ecology and biology to history and geography as your child becomes curious about the new world they’ve discovered.

Feed this curiosity at Constance Halaveli with courses run by our specialised PADI experts Giuseppe d’Amato, a PADI shark dive specialist, and Alexis Vincent, a PADI manta awareness diver.

At Constance Lémuria your little ones can meet our turtle manager who at certain times of year will take them down to the beach to watch the Green and Hawksbill turtles nesting or hatching in the sand.

What will your kids see on their diving trip

The Indian Ocean is a rich, teaming, colourful home to a wide variety of exotic marine life living amidst our many vibrant coral reefs so whether your child is a beginner, not venturing far from shore, or a more experienced adventurer, there will be plenty of exciting sights for them to discover.

Safety and equipment for young divers

All the instructors at our dive centres are highly qualified and experienced and offer PADI certified courses as well as some CMAS and BSAC diving qualifications.

Our team will provide all the equipment your child needs from mask, fins and wetsuit to BCD, weight system, regulators and tanks and ensure it is all a perfect fit. Our children and beginners courses ensure that your child will feel confident and informed of all procedures before they set foot in the water.

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