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If you’re feeling sluggish and under-the-weather it could be the perfect time to give your body’s natural cleansing process a boost with a detox massage.

Are you in need of a detox?

Are you in need of a detox?

Believe it or not detoxing doesn’t have to involve dubious looking smoothies or cups of flavourless tea, a massage designed to stimulate the lymphatic system will kick start your body’s natural detoxification process and boost your immune system.

How it works

A detox massage uses lymphatic drainage techniques to gently work lymph fluid (the substance which contains toxins gathered from around the body) through the lymphatic system towards the drainage ducts.

At the same time the manipulation of the muscles and tissue boosts the circulatory system pumping blood and oxygen around the body, which in turn stimulates the lymphatic system.

By stimulating this system (the system most closely connected with the removal of toxins) you will be aiding your body’s natural elimination of toxins and boosting your immune system.

Why you need to detox

Lack of exercise and fibre, dehydration, excess fatty foods or alcohol can all take their toll on the lymphatic system leading to a build up of toxins and a slowing down of your metabolism.

The lymphatic system requires stimulation through exercise, breathing and muscle movement to move lymphatic fluid effectively around the body to the drainage ducts.

Relax at Constance Ephélia's Spa Village

Relax at Constance Ephélia’s Spa Village

Without it you can become sluggish as the toxins build up making you feel tired and run down. A slowing down of the lymphatic system also affects the body’s immune system leaving you more prone to viral infection.

Detox in the peaceful surroundings of a Constance U Spa

Where better to detox and refresh than in the peaceful seclusion of one of our U Spas in the Indian Ocean.

Whether you choose the Spa Village set in the tranquil heart of a natural mangrove forest at Constance Ephélia, or floating above a peaceful lagoon in the Maldives at Constance Halaveli and Constance Moofushi, our U Spas are the perfect place to start your journey towards wellbeing.

Meet with one of our spa advisors and together you can create a detox program tailored to your own specific needs so that you return feeling truly refreshed, inside and out.

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    Yixin TCM
    April 10, 2015 at 1:32 am

    Massage and detoxification is a other form of relaxation. Others say that it just a luxury and other stuff, but hey I think it is only right to treat your self once or twice a week right? I am planning to go to spa and would consider an acupuncture session also.

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