The day your child learnt to waterski

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A rush of adrenalin, a burst of seratonin, excitement, joy – and that’s just you when your child waves to you from behind a boat on waterskis for the first time.

Learn to waterski at Constance Belle Mare Plage

Learn to waterski at Constance Belle Mare Plage

There is nothing more inspirational than watching your child battle with a new experience, taking the knock-backs and getting right back up with a smile to try again – then seeing the buzz and growth in confidence when they finally master it.

Small triumphs

Waterskiing is a perfect challenge for kids because while it’s a skill, which must be learnt, the learning is fun and full of small but important triumphs along the way.

The first time they manage to stay upright, the first time they dare go over the wash, the first time they try a turn or a small jump; each milestone will send them hurtling up the beach with a beaming smile on their return to tell you all about it.

Wave riders

Find a teacher who will make it fun and watch your little one have a blast even before they reach the water as they learn about safety and ocean-awareness.

Then have your stills camera or video at the ready because you’re going to want to catch the moment if only to reassure yourself that that confident child grinning from ear to ear as they waterski behind a speeding boat is your very own little waterskier.

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