Bird Watching In Paradise

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You’ve heard of birds of paradise, but have you heard of birds IN paradise? Or more specifically, bird watching in paradise? If you haven’t, let us enlighten you about one of the most simple, naturally spectacular past-times in the world.

There is nothing better than to open your eyes to the world around you. Bird watching is a way to connect with nature. Switching off, and observing birds in flight – undisturbed in their habitat – is like therapy for the soul! It’s also a chance to appreciate how amazing our planet is, with all the different species of birds, that you never knew existed.

Try a boat trip out bird watching at Constance Tsarabanjina

Whilst it’s a hobby you might not have considered before, if you’re planning to visit one of our seven hotels and resorts across the Indian Ocean, bird watching is definitely worth a try.

At Constance Hotels & Resorts, we’re lucky to have many species of exotic birds making their home at each of our locations in Madagascar, the Seychelles, Mauritius and the Maldives.

We’ve compiled our list of must-see birds to look out for on your next bird watching holiday with us at Constance hotels…

1. Birds of paradise – Mauritius

Photo credit: Ken Behrens captures the Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher

The most famous bird from Mauritius is the long-extinct dodo. Whilst sadly you won’t be able to spot one of these any more, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Mascarene paradise flycatcher, recognisable by his beautiful blue hood. The Flycatcher is called so because of his diet, of insects including beetles, dragonflies and mayflies amongst others. Look out for him in the closed canopies of forests, with still air but not too much undergrowth.

Photo credit: The Mauritius grey white-eye captured by Birdlist

Or perhaps you’ll spot a Mauritius grey white-eye, hopping around in the garden at Constance Belle Mare Plage? They love woodlands and garden areas, and are the sister of the Mauritius olive white-eye.

2. Birds of paradise – Seychelles

The Black Crowned Night Heron, spotted at Constance Ephelia

The Black Crowned Night Heron is a frequent guest of ours at Constance Ephelia in the Seychelles! If you are staying with us, it’s definitely worth taking a kayak through the mangrove to see if you can spot her. You’ll know her by her distinctive red eyes and short yellow legs.

Listen out for the distinct call of the Seychelles Kestrel

You might also be able to spot the Seychelles Kestrel – otherwise known as the Katiti, in Seychellois Creole. They can be found from sea level to the highest hills of Mahe. If you can’t spot them at first, listen out for their loud, shrill call, which gives them their name.

The population of the Seychelles kestrel is estimated to be about 800, spread across Mahe, Silhouette and North Island, and you might also catch a glimpse of them on Praslin if you’re staying at Constance Lemuria – the kestrels were reintroduced to Praslin in 1977.

3. Birds of paradise – Madagascar

Birds at Tsarabanjina

Constance Tsarabanjina, our hotel in Madagascar, is the perfect natural environment to spot many different types of Indian Ocean birds.

Photo credit: Malagasy Pond Heron, courtesy of Tropical Birding

Take a guided nature walk around the island, and perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to spot the Malagasy pond heron, splashing around in his natural habitat. He’ll stand out against the green of the pond waters with his beautiful white feathers. If you’re visiting Tsarabanjina between May and October, you might just miss him, as this is when the Malagasy Pond Heron will migrate from Madagascar to the eastern mainland of Africa.

Photo credit: Red Cardinal Fody by Spacebirdy

The Red Cardinal Fody is another beauty native to the Mascarene Islands. You’ll definitely know it when you see it, as it is a vibrant red colour – very eyecatching! The red fody feeds on seeds, grass and fruit, you’re likely to spot it in forest clearings but at Constance Belle Mare Plage for instance you will spot it at breakfast or lunch tables!

We’re very passionate about protecting the natural bio-diversity of our home – the Indian Ocean – from the birds to the fish. That’s why we invite you to try bird watching in paradise during your stay with us, and develop your own appreciation for these magnificent species.

But before flying to your bird watching trip at Constance Hotels, here’s a few tips from national Geographic:

Featured photo credit: @thetravellingmokabay

Have you been lucky enough to try a bird watching trip in paradise? We’d love to see your photos – remember to tag us #myconstancemoment for a chance for your photo to be featured on our Instagram feed!

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