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In the West we’re used to eating food picked and processed elsewhere, however in the Indian Ocean our chefs use the natural larder on their doorstep.

Using local produce for great culinary experiences

Using local produce for great culinary experiences

From the fish caught by local fishermen and delivered to our beaches to the fresh produce brought to market by local farmers, using the very best local ingredients and supporting local suppliers is part of the culinary experience at Constance.

Coconut farmers in Maldives

At Constance Halaveli we use a lot of coconuts (or kurumbas as they’re known locally) in everything from cooking to pina coladas, not to mention our Kurumba Station by the pool where guest can get coconut water from freshly cut coconuts.

A local product, we wanted to be sure we were supporting local producers so we set up contracts with coconut farmers on the neighbouring islands of Malahous and Thoddu to supply all our needs.

Supporting local fishermen

Seafood is a main staple of Indian Ocean cuisine with the rich vibrant marine life of the region providing an abundant supply of delicious maritime treats.

At Halaveli Captain Abdullah arrives daily to deliver his latest catch for the chefs to transform into elegant fine-dining dishes for that evening’s menu.

At Constance Tsarabanjina guests will see fishermen from the neighbouring island of Mitsio arrive on the beach in their traditional Maldivian fishing boats (pirogues), to deliver their daily catch to the waiting chefs.

Catch of the day at Constance Tsarabanjina

Catch of the day at Constance Tsarabanjina

In Seychelles, the sound of the conch shell announces a fresh catch at the local markets where chefs can select from a range of local fish including bourgeois, jobfish, carangue, vieille rouge, vieille grise, gueule longue, bécune, parrot fish and bonite.

Local food markets

Of course, all our chefs make regular visits to their local food markets. From Port Louis and Flacq markets in Mauritius to the daily market on the neighbouring island of Nosy Bé in Madagascar and Malé in Maldives, our chefs source the very best local produce and the freshest herbs and spices on offer each day.

Growing our own

The benefit of being in the warm tropical climate of the Indian Ocean is the fertility of the ground makes it easy to grow our own produce.

The kitchen garden at Constance Lémuria provides a raft of fresh ingredients including chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet potato but across our hotels and resorts bananas, mangos, passion fruit, bread fruit and even spinach grow wild in our grounds.

Our chefs love to use their local knowledge and traditional methods to incorporate all the rich ingredients of the Indian Ocean into world-class dishes for our guests to enjoy.

Book a delicious freshly sourced meal at one of our restaurants before you arrive with our online concierge service, like this one at Constance Halaveli.

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