The Art of Travel Photography

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In the age of digital, we’ve all become visual storytellers – posting our photos on social media to capture the narrative of our journeys and escapades around the world through travel photography.

Yet despite the proliferation of content online, there remains a great art behind the world’s finest travel photographs. One where the photographer has created a visual story that offers viewers a way into a destination, a culture and its people. This very refined act demonstrates a technical ability twinned with a creativity and unique vision of the world.

Recently, one such photographer, Mike Myer travelled to Constance Halaveli in the Maldives as part of our Carte Blanche project. The idea of Carte Blanche is to provide artists with a blank canvas in the form of the stunning setting, from which they can create a new artistic piece or collection.

The work that Mike produced on his trip to the Maldives will be exhibited next week, on Friday 15th July at 17.00h in Munich at the Litera turhaus, Salvatorplatz.

This collection of photographs beautifully captures the transformative power of travel photography – bringing the destination to life in unexpected and surprising ways.

Mike’s photographs feature sweeping landscapes through to intimate portraits – all expressing new connections and juxtapositions that spark an emotional response in the viewer.

Here’s a glimpse of some of our favourites. For more, take a look at Mike’s Facebook page.

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