An insider’s guide to Mauritian cuisine

Constance Prince Maurice Archipel
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Unless you’ve been lucky enough to visit Mauritius, you may never have experienced the rich flavours, fresh exotic ingredients and warm spices of Mauritian cuisine.

Constance Prince Maurice Barachois Restaurant

Constance Prince Maurice Barachois Restaurant

Rich French-style tomato-based stews and patisseries, samosas and curries from India, noodles and dumplings from China all come together in the melting pot of Mauritian cuisine to create a completely unique culinary experience influenced by the island’s culture and history.

Key ingredients

The warm, tropical climate which made the island an important point on the spice route and, later, ripe for plantations, has meant that fresh produce and warm fragrant spices like the carri poulé curry leaf, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, chillies and garlic play an important part in Mauritian cuisine.

Add to this the plentiful marine life of the Indian Ocean and rich grazing for all types of livestock and you begin to understand the bounty and appeal of the nation’s cuisine.

Mauritian favourites

Rougaille is a traditional Mauritian tomato and lamb dish made with corned lamb and served with bread. The French influence is obvious in the tomato, onion and thyme sauce but it is given a typically Mauritian hit of flavours from chilli and coriander. Serve with a green papaya achard.

Chicken daube is another dish based on a French stew but given a kick with lots of red chilli and coriander. If you fancy trying out some Mauritian cooking at home try our simple recipe for turmeric-flavoured yellow lentil soup with chicken.

Mauritian Cuisine

Mauritian Cuisine

Vindaye is a fresh fish curry using a firm white fish cooked in a fragrant mix of chilli, garlic, ginger, turmeric and coriander.

Street food

All the flavours and spices you’ll enjoy in the restaurants of Mauritius are reflected in the delicious street food available at the daily food markets on the island. Make sure you try the delicious gateaux piments (chilli cakes), tamarind dusted pineapple and dhal puris (rotis filled with lentil curry).

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