A Q&A with Robert Matombé, Turtle Manager at Constance Lemuria

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Leading the way as sustainability trailblazers in the travel and hospitality industry, at Constance Lemuria our projects towards species protection go above and beyond to make a difference.

Renowned for its dedication to wildlife preservation, Grande Anse Kerlan at Constance Lemuria Seychelles remains the number one beach on Praslin Island with a devoted Turtle Conservation Programme, led and managed by Mr Robert Matombé.

In light of the dedicated work Robert implements at the resort, we caught up with him to share his passion and insights as he continues to protect the local turtle population.

What inspired you to become the Turtle Manager at Constance Lemuria?

Whilst training as a volunteer in 2007 I developed a profound passion which urged me to do something more to help save more turtles.

What is your favourite part of being a Turtle Manager?

To be able to raise awareness. Talking about turtles and sharing my passion is a privilege, especially when there is a turtle present and it’s a live interaction.

Why do you think it’s important for guests to reconnect with wildlife in Constance Lemuria’s turtle sanctuary? 

Constance Lemuria is one of the last places on Praslin where turtles are still laying eggs. I believe it’s not only my responsibility, but everyone should get involved in the process; including our guests!

Can you describe your main daily responsibilities as the turtle manager at Constance Lemuria? 

Beach patrol on all four beaches early each morning to check for any activity. This includes track counting, emergences, as well as animal feeding for tortoises, rabbits, chickens and peacocks. 

The Eco tours around the resort are also my responsibility alongside overseeing the landscaping and sometimes the night safari.

What specific initiatives or programmes are you involved in to protect turtle livelihood and populations? 

Apart from being the Turtle Manager at Constance Lemuria, I am also a board member of the Turtle Committee of Seychelles through the Seychelles Island Foundation. 

I am also working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environment on Praslin where I provide knowledge and training to their personnel and also work as a close partner with the primary school on Praslin for their Biodiversity programmes.

At Constance Lemuria, what do you think are guests’ most popular activities? 

At the moment it’s the night safari. This is because it’s another learning and discovery activity that enhances the daily Eco tour.

Can you share any memorable experiences or success stories from your time as a Turtle Manager? 

Being a passionate turtle manager has allowed me to touch people’s hearts. Following the experience they have developed a deep respect for nature, especially turtles. 

I have made lots of friends and great memories whilst working in my role. I have a lot of repeat guests who bring their friends and families to experience the beauty of nature in Lemuria.

What role do you play in educating visitors and tourists about the importance of turtle conservation?

I play a vital role in educating not only our guests but also our staff and local school children. 

I organise various activities too which include group beach patrol, Eco tours, tree planting, beach cleaning activities and night safaris.

What are your hopes and goals for the future of turtle conservation? 

We continue to actively help the community sustain and increase the population of sea turtles as they are a critically endangered species. I also hope to increase awareness and education on a larger scale to touch every person in the community. 

Through my work at Constance Lemuria, I hope to become the leader and champion of the protection of sea turtles and the environment. Ready to dive into a retreat to reconnect with nature? Join us at Constance Lemuria and enjoy up to 35% discount off your booking. Secure your exclusive discount here!

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