5 Festive cocktails for the party season

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Check out our 5 favourite cocktails guaranteed to add a little extra warmth and sparkle to your festive season this winter.

Champagne Cocktail

champagne cocktail

A classic cocktail for any special occasion.

·   1 sugar cube

·   3 dashes of Angostura bitters

·   150ml chilled brut Champagne

·   1 lemon twist

In a glass soak the sugar cube in the Angostura bitters. Fill a champagne flute with champagne then add the soaked sugar cube. Garnish with a twist of lemon.


christmas is here

A sweet, rich cocktail, Eggnog is like Christmas pudding in a glass.

·   50g golden caster sugar

·   4 egg yolks

·   1tsp vanilla essence

·   397g condensed milk

·   100ml brandy

Dissolve the sugar in a saucepan with 75ml of water. Leave to cool and then chill.

Beat the vanilla into the eggs then add cooled sugar solution, condensed milk and brandy. Place in fridge to cool. Serve with ice.

Mulled Port and lemon

Mulled Port and lemon

This chilled cocktail is a light twist on traditional mulled wine, just as festive but a little more refreshing.

·   1 orange

·   1 lemon

·   2 star anise

·   4 cloves

·   2 cinnamon sticks

·   750ml ruby port

·   Lemonade

·   Ice to serve

Peel strips of zest from the orange and lemon and then squeeze fruits for juice. Add the zest, juice, port and spices to a saucepan and simmer gently for 10 minutes. Leave to cool. Combine equal amounts of mulled port and lemonade when pouring over ice.

Hot buttered rum

Hot buttered rum

Indulgent, warming and full of winter spice, this warm tipple feels like a Christmas present in a glass.

·   Orange peel studded with 2 cloves

·   25g butter (softened)

·   1tbsp maple syrup

·   1 cinnamon stick

·   30ml golden rum

·   50ml boiling water

Mix butter and maple syrup and add rum and orange peel. Pour in boiling water and whisk. Pour over a cinnamon stick into glass.

White Russian

white russian

Think of Russian winters wrapped in warm furs and you’ll understand the enduring appeal of this rich, luxurious cocktail.

·   5 parts Russian standard vodka

·   2 parts coffee liqueur

·   3 parts fresh cream

Using an Old Fashioned glass, pour the coffee liqueur and vodka over ice and stir. Float the cream on the surface.

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