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  • Fresh prawns at Constance Belle Mare Plage

    Follow Your Taste Buds

    What comes in all colours, shapes and flavours imaginable? Hint: may cause reactions like ‘Mmm!’ ‘Aah!’ or ‘Yum!’ Yes, it’s food! Delicious, mouth-watering, exciting food worth travelling for.   Just a…

  • Creations

    Recipe: Seychellois Bread Fruit Dessert

    Experience the delicious taste of tropical bread fruit with this sumptuous pudding. Ingredients (serves 10) 1 litre fresh coconut milk 1kg bread fruit cubes 1 vanilla pod 200g caster sugar 200ml…

  • Helios Restaurant, Constance Eph├®lia

    Recipe: Octopus salad

    Take your taste buds to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean with this Seychellois recipe for octopus salad from Constance Ephélia. Ingredients 500g octopus 200g cucumber 200g tomato 200g peppers…

  • Constance L├®muria - Legend Restaurant

    Growing a kitchen garden

    The food scandals of recent years have meant that we have all become increasingly conscious of where our food comes from and how it is produced. More and more of us…

  • Seychellois cuisine

    Seychellois cuisine: cooking with spices

    The warm spices and rich flavours of Seychellois cuisine are gathered from the broad ethnic diversity of the country’s culture. Influences from France, Africa, India and Asia combine to create an…