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  • Constance Halaveli, Maldives

    Island nature walks at Constance Halaveli

    Renowned marine biologist Robin Aiello writes from Halaveli. It is so wonderful to be back here at the beautiful Halaveli for the next month or so. Arriving back on the island…

  • Diving at Constance Hotels and Resorts
    News & Events

    Renowned marine biologist returns to Halaveli

    We are delighted to be welcoming back renowned marine biologist Robin Aiello to the warm waters around Constance Halaveli in September. The world-famous marine expert and reef conservationist first visited Halaveli…

  • Insider

    The Moray Eel ÔÇô love them or loathe them?

    Marine biologist and guest blogger Robin Aiello takes a look at the much maligned Moray Eel in this month’s creature feature. Robin will be returning to Constance Halaveli in September 2013,…

  • Insider

    Marine biologist journeys to the Arctic North

    Marine biologist Robin Aiello visited Constance Halaveli earlier this year, where she ran a number of dive courses and talks. Currently in the Arctic North, Robin writes about her latest expedition.…

  • Insider

    Marine biologist Robin Aieilo at Halaveli

    Marine biologist Robin Aieilo reports on her latest diving adventures at Constance Halaveli. I can’t believe that my month on Halaveli is already over. How sad! The last week, like all…