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  • Seafood

    New seafood ideas at Constance

    With the Indian Ocean to inspire them it’s not surprising our chefs have come up with modern, innovative ways of preparing and presenting delicious seafood. Here are two excellent examples to…

  • Rum cocktails

    The perfect rum cocktail

    We’ve written before about vodka and gin, but few spirits bring the tropics to life like the ‘demon water’ rum. The Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and the Seychelles have a…

  • Vanilla

    Spices of the Indian Ocean: vanilla

    Vanilla ice-cream and Victoria sponge may not make us think of the Indian Ocean but the story of vanilla is inextricably linked with the region. Although Madagascan Bourbon vanilla accounts for…

  • cumin

    Spices of the Indian Ocean: Cumin

    The rich pungent aroma and warm, slightly bitter, peppery flavour of cumin seeds permeates through the delicious curries and sauces of much Indian Ocean cuisine. One of the most ancient of…

  • Lemongrass

    Spices of the Indian Ocean: Lemongrass

    The citrus tang of lemongrass with its warm lemon aroma is a popular flavouring for traditional soups, curries and sauces across the Indian Ocean islands. Originating in Asia, Africa and Australia,…

  • Creation

    Spices of the Indian Ocean: Ginger

    Grown in Mauritius, Seychelles and Madagascar, the warm, picante flavour of ginger is at the heart of the Indian Ocean’s unique and delicious Creole cuisine. Introduced to the region by both…