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  • beach-side luxuries

    2015’s must-have beach-side luxuries

    Bring a little luxury to the beach this summer with our ultimate list of beach-side must-haves packed in your Sophie Anderson Pom Pom beach bag. The Sophie Anderson Pom Pom beach…

  • Top travel gadgets

    Top travel gadgets for Summer 2015

    Make sure you’re right up to date with the latest gadgets on the beach this summer with our rundown of this year’s hottest travel gadgets. Hitcase PRO+ This sleek waterproof, shockproof,…

  • packing tips

    How to pack like a pro

    If packing sends you into a spin check out our packing tips and you’ll be unpacked and relaxing on a beach before you know it. Choosing the right suitcase The first…

  • Escape

    Discover the relaxing power of windsurfing

    Wind fills your sail, the board beneath your feet begins to move and you feel the thrill of being inextricably connected to air and sea. Windsurfing is without doubt an exhilarating…

  • Insider

    Chill out tunes for the sunshine

    We all know how powerfully music can affect our mood so why not create a backdrop of relaxing tunes to help you unwind on holiday? Create a playlist of cool, chilled…