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  • Mauritian dancers

    Unlock culturally immersive experiences

    Travelling abroad isn’t only about seeing new places, meeting new people and trying different foods. It goes beyond that! Culturally immersive experiences can help us to discover and appreciate the unbelievable…

  • 2017 in the sand

    Rewind: 2017 at Constance

    2017 was a year to remember at Constance Hotels & Resorts. From winning a host of awards to welcoming some big names to celebrating two new hotels, we’re looking back at…

  • Insider

    Going Solo

    You’re sat at the table, in a busy café, on your own. What do you do? Do you pick up your phone, avoid all possible eye contact, and quickly search for…

  • Insider

    FCBL Special Dinner by Serge Vieira

    Last week we celebrated another spectacular Festival Culinaire Bernard Loiseau in Mauritius. The 11th edition of this unique festival included many highlights. Here Chris Barber, restaurant consultant and former chef shares…