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  • Fresh prawns at Constance Belle Mare Plage

    Follow Your Taste Buds

    What comes in all colours, shapes and flavours imaginable? Hint: may cause reactions like ‘Mmm!’ ‘Aah!’ or ‘Yum!’ Yes, it’s food! Delicious, mouth-watering, exciting food worth travelling for.   Just a…

  • Emotion

    Collect Memories, Not Souvenirs

    Gone are the days of returning from holiday with a host of novelty items, including a straw donkey and the glass bottle of sand from your favourite beach. Studies show that…

  • Seafood

    New seafood ideas at Constance

    With the Indian Ocean to inspire them it’s not surprising our chefs have come up with modern, innovative ways of preparing and presenting delicious seafood. Here are two excellent examples to…

  • Chocolate displays at Constance

    The Art of Chocolate at Easter

    At Constance, we love any excuse to highlight culinary excellence and new innovative ideas in gastronomy, so playing with one of our favourite ingredients, chocolate, at Easter is always a pleasure.…

  • FCBL 2015 Winner announcement

    FCBL: Great Partnerships and lifelong friendship

    Food writer, Christopher Barber, was on the ground for the 10th anniversary of The Festival Culinaire Bernard Loiseau (FCBL) last week where he also saw the climax of the competition. See the hashtag #Constanceculinary for…

  • Constance Prince Maurice Archipel

    An insider’s guide to Mauritian cuisine

    Unless you’ve been lucky enough to visit Mauritius, you may never have experienced the rich flavours, fresh exotic ingredients and warm spices of Mauritian cuisine. Rich French-style tomato-based stews and patisseries,…