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  • Kids at Constance

    Top 10 attractions for kids at Constance

    Nothing makes you feel happier or more relaxed on holiday than knowing that your kids are having just as good a time as you are. Here’s our list of just some…

  • Vanilla

    Spices of the Indian Ocean: vanilla

    Vanilla ice-cream and Victoria sponge may not make us think of the Indian Ocean but the story of vanilla is inextricably linked with the region. Although Madagascan Bourbon vanilla accounts for…

  • cumin

    Spices of the Indian Ocean: Cumin

    The rich pungent aroma and warm, slightly bitter, peppery flavour of cumin seeds permeates through the delicious curries and sauces of much Indian Ocean cuisine. One of the most ancient of…

  • Chilli

    Spices of the Indian Ocean: Chilli

    Whether as an accompaniment or part of the main dish, the warm heat of chillies permeate through much of the cuisine in the Indian Ocean. Introduced to the region by settlers…

  • cinnamon

    Spices of the Indian Ocean: Cinnamon

    Forget warming winter treats, in Indian Ocean cuisine cinnamon is used to add a rich depth of spice and flavour to soups, curries and spice-rubs. The warm, spicy fragrance of cinnamon…