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  • Bread

    The art of bread

    There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread, straight from the oven. It’s an aroma that evokes feelings of comfort or nostalgia, or of hunger even when we hadn’t been…

  • Pastry

    The art of pastry

    Renowned French pastry chef Sebastien Serveau arrives in the Seychelles later in October to take part in a number of special events and workshops at Constance Ephélia. Together with Chef Nicolas…

  • Seafood

    New seafood ideas at Constance

    With the Indian Ocean to inspire them it’s not surprising our chefs have come up with modern, innovative ways of preparing and presenting delicious seafood. Here are two excellent examples to…

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    Wine pairings with Cabernet Sauvignon

    International Cabernet Sauvignon Day takes place on the last Thursday in August every year, so this year’s event is this week – Thursday 27th. To celebrate the occasion, winemakers and vineyards around…

  • Vodka

    Why craft vodka cocktails are hot right now

    The continued success of the craft drinks movement – highlighted in our recent feature on gin cocktails – has long since spilled over from beer to spirits. According to global research company…

  • Vanilla

    Spices of the Indian Ocean: vanilla

    Vanilla ice-cream and Victoria sponge may not make us think of the Indian Ocean but the story of vanilla is inextricably linked with the region. Although Madagascan Bourbon vanilla accounts for…