Sous-vide cooking trend continues

Seahorse Restaurant, Constance Lémuria, Seychelles
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Keen viewers of Masterchef will have noticed more and more contestants popping their ingredients into plastic bags and leaving them to cook in tepid water. So what is this new gastronomic craze and what difference does it really make to the end result?

Double-Michelin-starred chef Lionel Rigolet

Double-Michelin-starred chef Lionel Rigolet

Contemporary chefs have adopted the practice because cooking at low temperature retains more of the food’s flavour, nutrients and juices.

This week in the Seychelles double-Michelin-starred chef Lionel Rigolet and winner of the 2007 Gault Millau Chef of the Year, will host low temperature seminars as well as Michelin-starred dinners at Constance Lemuria from 5-9 November and Constance Ephelia from 9-12 November.

Constance guests are in for a rare treat and the menu includes young rabbit saddle and rosemary flavoured roll, goose foie gras and dressing with scents from Vaucluse, and grilled rack of venison with coffee oil Arabica sauce, French endive, parsnips and pickled onions.

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