Relaxation is key to improving golf technique

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Anyone who has watched a pro golfer crack under pressure knows the importance of relaxation in golf, but can it improve your game long term?

Capture natural relaxation by playing in beautiful surroundings and improve your game.

The beautiful golfing scenery of Constance Lemuria in the Seychelles

The answer, based on recent scientific research, appears to be yes, and not just because relaxation can help you with the mental pressures of the game.

The science bit

Studies at Stanford University and the US Sports Academy have both found that decreased stress and improved sleep show a positive affect on sporting performance.

Researchers at Stanford who studied the effect of improved sleep on basketball players found that players’ shooting accuracy as well as their overall physical and mental wellbeing ratings improved with good sleep.

At the US Sports Academy researchers who measured the effect of relaxation techniques on female golfers found that scores and putts per round improved with increased relaxation.

Shortcut to injecting a little relaxation into your game

The easiest way to make sure you’re relaxed and rested on the golf course is not to shoehorn rounds in between meetings but to play at natural times of low stress such as the weekends or, even better, on holiday.

Play in beautiful surroundings, capture the natural relaxation and improve your game

Play in beautiful surroundings, capture the natural relaxation and improve your game

Playing in a relaxed holiday environment, like the beautiful Links and Legend courses in Mauritius or the stunning scenery of the Lémuria course in Seychelles, will not only add pleasure to your game but might actually help improve it.

By harnessing the natural relaxation of a holiday in beautiful surroundings with 5* service and a world-class spas, you will be able to put away the stresses and distractions which may have impeded your game.

The long-term benefit

Just as bad habits can develop by repeated mistakes, so good habits can be set by prolonged improved play. Playing your A-game over the course of a week or a fortnight’s holiday will help lock your improved game into both your mind and your muscle memory.

What’s more, just knowing the feeling of playing a calm, relaxed game will enable you to tap into that balanced state whenever you feel under pressure on the golf course, whether that be in tournaments or playing against a friendly rival.

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