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  • Honeymoon

    What to look for in a honeymoon

    If you want your honeymoon to be a holiday of a lifetime then there are some key decisions you need to consider before you book. First decide what kind of honeymoon…

  • #MyConstanceMoment
    News & Events

    #MyConstanceMoment: Heaven on Earth

    Don’t forget that our #MyConstanceMoment competition will soon be drawing to a close. You only have until Friday 4th September to enter, so remember to share a photograph of your favourite…

  • Weddings

    Beautifully imagined weddings at Constance

    Your Indian Ocean wedding should be a series of perfect moments woven together to create an idyllic day that will live in your memory forever. At Constance our personal wedding planners…

  • Spa & Sports

    The day you learnt to dive

    Learning a new sport is a challenge. With any luck, you’ll discover you’re a natural and take to your chosen activity like, ahem… a fish to water. More likely, you’ll enter…