New Year, new you: re-energise this January

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Re-energise your mind, body and soul during 2015

Re-energise your mind, body and soul during 2015

The dawning of the New Year makes January the perfect time to shake off December’s indulgences and start working towards a new, re-energised you.

Seize the opportunity of a January Constance getaway to launch a new wellbeing routine with our 10 top tips to boost both your energy and your spirit.

1. Detox

Whether you’ve been partying hard or just had one too many mince pies, ridding your body of excess toxins is a great way to kick-start your new wellbeing programme. Book yourself in for a detox massage at Constance’s U Spa to cleanse muscles and boost your lymphatic drainage system.

2. Get some well-deserved rest

The importance of sleep is often overlooked when people think about improving their wellbeing but a good night’s sleep can boost your mood, benefit your heart and even improve concentration. At Constance we take your sleep seriously with a choice of pillows, high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, goose-down duvets and sumptuous pocket-sprung mattresses.

3. Eat well

While Christmas may be about the amount you eat, make January about what you eat. Try eating natural whole foods high in essential nutrients like vitamins, beneficial omega fats, fibres and proteins. Make sure what you eat is fresh (fresh fruit, vegetables, fish or meat) and not processed. At Constance we take the hard work out of eating well with the ‘Wellness Cuisine’ logo featured in all our menus to indicate dishes of top quality nutritious food, healthily prepared.

4. Massage your worries away

Take a more mindful approach to relieving stress and anxiety

Take a more mindful approach to relieving stress and anxiety

Stress can be a major contributor to bad health so why not leave it behind in 2015 with regular relaxation massages. Deep tissue massages, like the Relax Message at U Spa, can relax muscles and release any pent up tension leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

5. Improve your fitness

Whether you prefer swimming in the ocean, taking nature walks or hitting the equipment in a fitness suite, there’s no better way to re-energise than to improve your fitness. Have a chat with one of our personal trainers and they’ll devise a programme specifically around you with tips and advice you can take home and use for the year ahead.

6. Don’t forget to play

Wellbeing is about more than just keeping your body healthy it’s about boosting your mood and lifting your spirits and what better way to do that than to relive the childhood joy of playing. Write a list of fun things you like doing from playing tennis to dancing under the stars and then make sure you do them more often.

7. Soothe away aches and pains

It’s hard to exercise or even enjoy doing all the things you want to do in life if you’re struggling with nagging aches and pains, rather than ignoring them why not visit a physiotherapist or qualified masseur and see what they can do. Try the Sports Massage at U Spa to recover muscles injured through strain or sport.

8. Try something new

A great way to boost your spirit is with the thrill of learning to do something new. Set yourself a challenge to do something you’ve never done before from waterskiing and golf to scuba diving with sharks and you’ll feel your adrenalin soar.

Massage your worries away

Massage your worries away

9. Be mindful

Much of our stress and anxiety comes from the feeling that daily pressures are disconnecting us from our true selves. Make your New Year’s resolution an attempt to become more mindful. Yoga and meditation can be helpful techniques in helping you focus on the present moment. Try our early morning yoga sessions on the beach and reconnect with the world around you.

10. Smile

Nothing boosts your mood like a smile so give yourself something to smile about in 2015. Treat yourself to some extraordinary experiences and feel your spirit soar. Take a sunset cruise in the Seychelles, spend the day on your own desert island in the Maldives or watch humpback whales in a boat in Madagascar. Live the life less ordinary in 2015 and live it with a smile.

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