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A guide to Constance Aiyana with blogger Nomadic Fare

nomadic fare beach boat constance aiyana

Travel blogger and Instagrammer Wendy Hu, AKA Nomadic Fare, visited our newest hotel, Constance Aiyana Pemba, Zanzibar, this summer in search of “the perfect blend of adventure, African culture and stunning nature.”

In collaboration with Wendy, we’ve compiled all you need to know about a stay on the beautiful Pemba Island, from getting to this tropical paradise to exploring local culture and cuisine.

private bar constance aiyana

It’s hard to take your eyes off the incredible views!

“I had seen photos of the island’s turquoise seas and white sand beaches, and knew I needed to experience it for myself!”

So, if you’re searching for a luxury island escape where you can feel closer to nature and dive into new cultures, look no further than Constance Aiyana – book a full-board stay now and enjoy a complimentary all-inclusive upgrade

  1. Preparing to visit Zanzibar

“It’s the type of place that welcomes getting offline and back to the basics.”

Come to Pemba Island, Zanzibar to switch off, relax and unwind. So what should you bring with you?

Make sure you pack all the tropical beach holiday essentials, from bathing suits to sandals to hats and sunglasses, and don’t forget to bring some light layers for the cooler evenings.

nomadicfare beach pemba island

The waters surrounding Pemba Island are so beautiful, you’ll definitely need to bring a bathing suit!

“I was very excited while packing for my trip because the weather prediction was sunshine every single day.”

What else should be on the list? Think about bringing a good read for the beach and some sturdier shoes for exploring the local nature and villages. But leave your daily routine and stresses behind!

  1. Travelling to Pemba Island

Pemba Island is a far-flung destination, but well worth travelling to!

“Like most small island airports I’ve been to around the world, Pemba Airport was very relaxed.”


pemba island airport

Welcome to Pemba!

Guests will normally arrive on a small plane from Zanzibar’s main airport, and on arrival at Pemba airport you’ll feel safe and welcomed by friendly local staff.

  1. Checking in at Constance Aiyana

The check-in ‘ritual’ is one-of-a-kind at Constance Aiyana – our friendly staff are on hand to get your holiday off to the best start possible.

“After traveling all day, I appreciated being welcomed to the hotel with a beautiful flower hand washing ceremony, refreshing drink and cold towel.”

constance aiyana welcome ceremony flower handwashing

Our friendly staff will give you an unforgettable welcome

  1. Luxurious accommodation

Our villas at Constance Aiyana are designed to provide luxurious comfort and tranquil privacy with traditional Zanzibari touches.

“My first impressions were the high ceilings and understated, chic design of the room. I appreciated all the local materials used to build the space. I loved everything about my villa – I wish I could’ve moved in!”


Wendy also loved the pretty bathroom with unique bathtub

  1. Dining on the beach

For an atmospheric dining experience, you can’t beat the beach at dusk. Stunning ocean views accompany delicious dishes crafted by our talented chefs.


An evening spent here… tempting?

Wendy enjoyed a magical private dinner on the beach and was impressed with the food she tasted throughout her stay, especially with the gluten and dairy-free options.

“The private dinner on the beach was one of my most memorable meals. The entire setting was something out of a dream–everything from the table setting, to the hanging lights, star-filled sky, sound of the waves to the delicious seafood. It was all perfect.”

constance aiyana beach dinner

You can’t beat watching the sun set and the stars come out

  1. Unwinding at the spa 

To help you truly escape and unwind, indulge in some spa treatments at Constance Aiyana. Our atmospheric spa will transport you away to a world of relaxation…


The spa at Constance Aiyana at dusk

“Walking into the spa, there’s an immediate sense of relaxation with the running water, flowers and greenery everywhere.”

The treatments rooms have been created to be peaceful and private, with a relaxing outdoor area where you can enjoy some tea after your treatment.


Fancy a massage?

  1. Experiencing local culture

If you’re visiting Pemba Island, don’t miss a tour to visit Makangale Village to get a true taste of local life.

local pemba women

Meeting local women

“Everyone was so kind and friendly! I really appreciated getting to know members of the local community and like that Constance offers this tour to get off the beaten track.”

Take the opportunity to get off the beaten track on mountain bikes and learn from the locals themselves about Zanzibari culture and traditions.

nomadicfare stone town zanzibar

Wendy also had the opportunity to visit Stone Town, Zanzibar’s main city

  1. Traditional cooking class

For many travellers, food is at the heart of the adventure. Wendy believes that food is integral to any culture, and key to understanding that culture as an outsider.

cooking class spices

Beautifully colourful spices!

Pemba Island is known for its incredible spices, so taking part in a cooking class is a fantastic way to explore these flavours!

“The class started with learning how to make coconut milk using traditional tools, then the chef introduced the array of spices and made a few different dishes, which we were able to enjoy afterwards. I bought a few spices and can’t wait to try making some on my own!”

constance aiyana cooking class

Enjoy exciting meals and take recipes home with you

  1. Where nature meets luxury

Constance Aiyana was created to complement and make the most of Pemba Island’s natural beauty – a luxurious escape where guests can explore and enjoy nature.

“Pemba Island is one of the prettiest islands I’ve ever travelled to and Constance Aiyana is the perfect island getaway that embraces nature but doesn’t sacrifice comfort.”

nomadicfare constance aiyana pemba zanzibar

There are beautiful details around every corner!

  1. Essential items to pack

 Wendy shared her top 5 essential items to bring with you to Pemba Island:

  • Bathing suit
  • Camera
  • Good book
  • Cute hat
  • A chill attitude!

There you have it – everything you need to know about your stay at Constance Aiyana on Pemba Island, Zanzibar! Have you booked your escape to paradise yet?

Thanks to Wendy Hu (@nomadicfare) for providing quotes and images used in this blog.

What would be top of your to-do list at Constance Aiyana? Let us know in the comments!



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