Chill out tunes for the sunshine

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We all know how powerfully music can affect our mood so why not create a backdrop of relaxing tunes to help you unwind on holiday?

Relax with your chosen playlist

Relax with your chosen playlist

Create a playlist of cool, chilled out music to listen to on the beach or while unwinding at the spa and you’ll find that when you get home those same tracks will give you an instant hit of holiday-inspired relaxation.

Here’s our selection of sunshine-inspired tunes to relax and unwind to in the sunshine.

Ambient Chill out

A selection of cool ambient tunes inspired by warm sunshine and lapping waves.

Accoustic calm

Because sometimes all you need is a piano or a guitar.

Ultimate relaxation

Ultimate relaxation


Some of the best chill out tunes come without words.

Beach sounds

Classic beach songs with soothing melodies.

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