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  • Bread
    Food & Drink

    The art of bread

    There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread, straight from the oven. It’s an aroma that evokes feelings of comfort or nostalgia, or of hunger even when we hadn’t been…

  • Pastry
    Food & Drink

    The art of pastry

    Renowned French pastry chef Sebastien Serveau arrives in the Seychelles later in October to take part in a number of special events and workshops at Constance Ephélia. Together with Chef Nicolas…

  • Whisky
    Food & Drink

    Whisky’s new wave

    Whisky is in the midst of a cool resurgence with new craft distilleries and brands from foreign lands giving Scotland a run for its money. While for many generations Scotland held…

  • Seafood
    Food & Drink

    New seafood ideas at Constance

    With the Indian Ocean to inspire them it’s not surprising our chefs have come up with modern, innovative ways of preparing and presenting delicious seafood. Here are two excellent examples to…