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    5 unusual foods from Madagascar

    Food in Madagascar is a gently spiced fusion of African, European and Asian culinary traditions creating a national cuisine unlike any other. Here are 5 Malagasy dishes you’re unlikely to find…

  • Helios Restaurant, Constance Eph├®lia
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    Recipe: Lemongrass prawns

    It’s not difficult to succumb to these large lemongrass prawns, juicy, highly desired and fragrant as they are. Created in the kitchens at Constance Ephélia, the idea occurred to our chef…

  • Totem Bar
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    Constance’s Valentine’s Day cocktails

    Celebrating the international day of romance, why not wow your loved one with these delicious Valentine’s Day cocktails? Cocktail 1: Mauritian Romance Ingredients: 4cl Pink Pigeon Vanilla Rum 2cl Amareto liqueur…