A wonderful life: Christmas in the Indian Ocean

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The best thing about booking an Indian Ocean Christmas holiday is that it can be whatever you want it to be.

If you’ve had your fill of tinsel and turkey then escaping to a luxury retreat could be just the ticket. Swap over-familiar Christmas songs for the sound of lapping waves and rustling palms, and switch your cheesy reindeer jumper for a bikini. You can forget the holiday season even exists, if you so wish.

On the other hand, if you’re a massive fan of Christmas but you just want to get away to somewhere hot, you can enjoy the best of both worlds at one of the seven Constance hotels and resorts in the Indian Ocean.  Just because you’re far away, you don’t have to leave all your favourite traditions behind – you just get to enjoy them with someone else doing all the hard work!

Champagne breakfast


Start your Christmas day off with a luxurious champagne breakfast

Wake up on Christmas morning and indulge in a Champagne breakfast delivered to your room. Then spend the time you’d normally spend peeling potatoes and chopping parsnips having a poolside snooze or a dip in the turquoise sea. When lunchtime rolls around, you can even opt to set up a festive table on the beach for a proper Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

Whether you’ve come empty-handed or brought a selection of presents along, chances are your gift-giving routine will be much more low key than it would be at home. But we say that’s a really good thing – especially if you’re here with kids or extended family. Christmas holidays abroad are a great opportunity to emphasise some of the non-material things we should also be thankful for – like precious time together with few external distractions. And you’ll create a ton of new memories to take home with you too.

With the family


The perfect destination for families this Christmas

Of course, if you’re visiting Constance with kids, then you’re almost guaranteed to get some quality time to yourself as well – and there’s no better present than that. Our Kids Clubs are renowned for their extensive range of activities and sports, but at Christmas time we really ramp things up a gear. Your little ones will certainly not miss out by being far from home, with everything from Christmas shows and tree decorating to an appearance from the bearded one himself on the agenda.

Best of all, there’ll be absolutely no need for the post-Christmas blues. You’ll already be on holiday! You can choose to continue the Christmas spirit right into the new year, or even get a head start on your detox goals at Constance U Spa. Either way, it sure beats getting stuck in traffic driving back from the in-laws. Tempted? Book your luxury Christmas holiday today.

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