A Madagascan marvel- Constance Tsarabanjina

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Sometimes a fresh start and a new look can do wonders for the soul.
As we start adjusting to a new normal and allow ourselves to start making new memories again, we are pleased to share some exciting news at Constance Tsarabanjina.

Adding an island ambience and allowing you to experience true escapism, Constance Tsarbanjina has been given a superb makeover. From natural materials to muted colour pallets, keep scrolling to get an exclusive look at the newly improved Madagascan marvel.

Beach Villa

Where you lay down at night should be a place of relaxation.
Inspired by the island’s natural resources, the beach villas at Constance Tsarabanjina play host to a carefully curated decor.
From the gorgeous mahogany high beams to rustic handcrafted foot bench, the beach villa has been perfectly designed. Thus, enabling emotions of simplicity and escapism.

Moreover, the muted and neutral tones are present throughout the villa. Even the bathroom! 🚿


It has undoubtedly been a stressful time for many of us…
However, we all deserve an afternoon unwinding at the spa, right?
At Constance Tsaranajina, even the decor helps in unwinding.
With bamboo frames and thatched roofing, the spa is just to unwind and rekax.

Futhermore, with a colour scheme inspired by the island’s natural beauty, the spa has been purposely designed to facilitate pure bliss.
Walk across panelled floors and look out across the postcard-perfect coastline. Slip into a sensation of pure relaxation as you listen to the gentle wave ripple.

The Bar

Time to head to the bar! After a long day of spa treatments, swimming, diving and lying underneath the roaring Madagascan sun, we think it’s time for a drink. Found on the waterfront, the bar has been blessed with a new rustic look, perfect for melting into a state of calm.

The locally sourced wooden beams act as a stunning focal point and the handcrafted furnishings welcome you to sit down and relax.

No need for shoes at this bar. We invite you to let the talc-like sand seep through their toes, allowing you to truly connect with the natural surroundings.
Did you know that the wicker swing chair is the perfect spot for relaxing while you listen to the Indian Ocean?

Sink into the comfy sand-coloured sofas and watch the sunset whilst sipping on a glass of wine (or two!). This little nook is a perfect for groups to chat, engage in meaningful conversation and stay up late laughing.

The Restaurant

Dinner with a breathtaking view anyone? From a sunrise breakfast to late night dining, the restaurant at Constance Tsarabanjina is ready to facilitate memorable dining experiences. Sat under sweeping palm trees, the beach-front decking, decorated with burnt orange and taupe coloured cushions, is an idyllic spot to enjoy an afternoon snack.

Sunset lovers, this is also the best place to sit back and watch as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean. 🌅

Head inside the restaurant and you can be seated upstairs, where you can get one of the best views of the island. Sitback into handmade chairs and soak in the luscious greenery that gentle cups the restaurant as you tuck into fine Madagascan dining. Looks like paradise does exist!

Is Madagascar on your bucket list? What’s your favourite part of the new look? How would you spend your day at Constance Tsarabanjina? Tell us in the comments below!

Feel free to reach out via our social channels and share your photos with the hashtag #MyConstanceMoment

Hope for sunnier days with #ConstanceWithU



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    Pau wai man
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    We plan to spend a week in early 2021 for our anniversary celebration, do you have an inclusive package included transfer, meals and accommodations?

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