Wedding cake trends 2013

Looking for inspiration for your wedding day? While a certain amount of stress is inevitable in planning your big day, there’s plenty of fun to be had when choosing the wedding cake of your dreams.

Ruffle wedding cake by Pink Rose Cakes

Ruffle wedding cake by Pink Rose Cakes

Here, Fay Millar of Pink Rose Cakes reveals the hottest trends for wedding cakes this year.

What’s new in 2013

With the renaissance in home baking and the surge in popularity in television shows like the Great British Bake Off, it is hardly surprising wedding cakes have undergone a bit of a transformation too.

2013 is an exciting year for cakes with more variety available than ever from hugely popular vintage designs to more avant garde creations, and the styles brides are picking are changing all the time.

But there are certain key trends which are proving particularly fashionable.

Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles

Ruffles are huge this year. Wherever you look there are cakes decorated in the most gorgeous soft folds of icing in every imaginable colour, from crisp whites and soft ivories to bolder pinks and reds.

Ruffles are great because they are not perfect, they don’t all look the same, but they do lend a softer, more romantic look to cakes.

They are a perfect addition to the whole vintage theme which is still going strong with lots of lace effect piping and antique jewellery adornments.

Naked cakes

There certainly seems to be a more laid back, DIY feel with many wedding cakes at the moment, even if they are anything but.

It is probably why the so-called naked cake has seen a meteoric rise in popularity during 2013.

Naked cakes are simple tiered cakes but without the fondant icing and decoration on top. You get the sponge cake underneath and nothing else, which can then be dressed up with fresh seasonal fruit or flowers.

Tiered, vintage style cake by Pink Rose Cakes

Tiered, vintage style cake by Pink Rose Cakes

Bold is beautiful

At the other end of the scale though, some brides are choosing increasingly bolder cakes with lots of artistic hand painted images and detail, different-sized tiers or single piece decorations that really pop.

Pastels and a bird-theme

Pastels are still popular and mint is going to be massive this year but also in the offing are more bird-themed cakes – vintage bird cages, nests, hand painted scenes and Iced Wedgewood-style bird imagery.

Fay Millar is Creative Director of Pink Rose Cakes. Find out more about cake designs from the website: Pink Rose Cakes or visit them on Facebook.

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Trends 2012: wedding cakes

Guest blog by Fay Millar, creative director of UK based Pink Rose Cakes.

Chocolate wedding cake

Chocolate wedding cake

There was a time when ordering a wedding cake meant opting for three white tiers of traditional fruit cake with a bit of piping and maybe the odd sugar flower.

But the world of wedding patisserie has undergone a huge transformation in the last decade and now pretty much anything can be made in cake.

This change is partly due to the popularity of cake programmes such as Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes as well as many innovative bakers thinking outside the box. But it’s also down to couples wanting to be different and willing to cast aside tradition.

What’s new for 2012?

Cakes are being glammed up with decorative lacework, sugar pearls, edible cameos and frou frou ruffles which gives them a modern twist while some brides use elements from their dress, shoes and jewellery to inform their cake design.


Vintage styles are hugely popular at the moment, mirroring the wider trend for retro or vintage-themed weddings.


Sugar flowers are enjoying something of a renaissance having dropped in popularity in recent years. Cakes with delicate roses, hydrangeas, sweet peas and full peonies, which echo the vintage styling, are on the rise. And intricate piping is enjoying a return but with classic simpler lines to make it more modern.

Stunning two tier wedding cake

Stunning two tier wedding cake

Themed weddings

Rustic, glam and monochrome themed weddings are popular and cake designers draw inspiration from that. Cakes decorated with large bows, feathers and glittery broaches are being used in designs, giving brides that elusive wow factor.

The Royal Wedding

Lastly, no mention of wedding trends would be complete without a nod to the Royal Wedding last year. The beautiful cake created for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has led to a huge rise in people requesting scaled down versions of tiered ivory cakes with delicate piping and small sugar flowers.

It was a timeless, elegant cake in a style that will remain popular for many years to come.

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