Recipe: Strawberry mango smoothie

Chill out in the cool laidback Laguna Bar at Constance Le Prince Maurice overlooking the pool and enjoy this fresh fruit smoothie.

Enjoy a smoothie at the laid back Laguna Bar

Enjoy a smoothie at the laid back Laguna Bar

Alternatively, recreate the flavours of Mauritius at home with this easy to make healthy smoothie.


  • One handful of fresh strawberries
  • 60ml fresh mango juice
  • 4 fresh kiwi
  • 30ml fresh orange juice


1. Blend all the fresh strawberries together with the fresh mango juice.

2. Pour into a glass.

3. Prepare your fresh kiwi juice by blending, no water added, and pour it over the strawberry and mango mix.

4. Then slowly pour the fresh orange juice over the top. Garnish with slice of orange and a fresh strawberry.

The popular beach side Laguna Bar at Constance Le Prince Maurice has high-rafted palm-thatched ceilings, comfy seating and cool wooden floors. With a laid back vibe, it’s the perfect place to shelter from the sun by day or meet friends for cocktails after dark.

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Asian tapas on the menu in Mauritius

Asian tapas at Constance Le Prince Maurice

Asian tapas at Constance Le Prince Maurice

Chefs at Constance Le Prince Maurice have merged Asian specialities like sushi, noodles and dim sum to create a unique ‘Asian tapas’ menu.

The blending of Asian flavours in light, delicious bite-sized treats served against the laid-back poolside vibe of the Laguna Bar has proved hugely popular with guests.

Originally the inspiration of Chef Li Junwei, who described the food prepared at the Asian Tapas Corner as, ‘a unique concept where we serve sushi, noodles, dim sum, Asian tapas and desserts all prepared in front of the guests.’

Guests can enjoy a light lunch with views over the infinity pool to the beach beyond or a sumptuous evening treat with cocktails or whiskey (yes, it’s a delicious pairing) in the evening, Asian Tapas is a light, delicious option.

Some Asian Tapas treats to try:

The Laguna Bar's chicken noodles

The Laguna Bar’s chicken noodles

Chicken Noodles

Udon noodles with a spicy sesame sauce served with vegetables and chicken is popular thanks to its lightly spicy flavour and fresh sauce.

Godzilla’s roll

This is a kind of maki combining ingredients such as papaya with shrimp. It is garnished with cashew nuts and coconut and fits perfectly with those following the Kickstart the Fast Diet at Constance Le Prince Maurice.

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