Cookery holidays in Mauritius

With the trend for cookery holidays growing year on year many holidaymakers are looking further afield to expand their culinary horizons.

Cookery holidays in Mauritius

Cookery holidays in Mauritius

Learning to cook the national food of the country you visit on holiday can be a fascinating insight into the place itself.

In a recent article for Gourmet Travel, Laura Archer recommended visitors to Mauritius take cookery classes to get a step ahead with the new trend for Mauritian cuisine.

At Constance Le Prince Maurice and Constance Belle Mare Plage guests are offered the opportunity to take cookery lessons with one of our world-class chefs who will introduce them to the use of local spices and flavours.

Classes are two hours long and take place in one of our professional kitchens. They are available to book right up to the day before.

The type of dishes you will learn to cook may include:

  • Creole style fish salad and vegetable samoussa
  • Steamed prawns with kaffir lime, pineapple with spicy salt, tapioca and coconut milk
  • Chicken cooked with garam masala.

Classes at Constance Belle Mare Plage also include a 15-minute session with one of our experienced sommeliers who will offer advice on wines to pair with the dishes you have learnt to cook.

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Gourmet Travel writes about Mauritius world cuisine

In her article for Gourmet Travel this month, Laura Archer recommends foodies visit Mauritius to sample its unique cuisine.

Gourmet Travel recommends a trip to Mauritius

Gourmet Travel recommends a trip to Mauritius

A blend of influences from Europe, India, Africa and China, combined with its wide variety of fresh, local produce, make Mauritian cuisine unlike any other, says Archer.

She cites the fact that croissants are served alongside samosas, and venison and wild boar are curried and served with pickles, as highlighting the eclectic nature of the island’s food. ‘It is multicultural in the truest sense of the word.’

‘Both on and offshore, when it comes to fresh produce, Mauritius is a land of plenty – and it is this abundance that is putting this tiny island in the Indian Ocean on the foodie map.’

She describes how Michelin-starred chefs are ‘flocking’ to the island to cook for guests of the 5* resorts and to take part in Constance Belle Mare Plage’s annual Culinary Festival Bernard Louiseau.

Archer tells her readers that the best way to ‘start getting your head around the infinite variety’ of Mauritian food is to take a cookery class during your stay in Mauritius, such as those offered at Constance Belle Mare Plage and Constance Le Prince Maurice.

If talk of gateaux piments (fried chilli cakes), tamarind dusted pineapple and dhal puris (lentil filled rotis) whets your appetite, don’t despair, Archer believes the new restaurant to be opened in London by Mauritian Masterchef-winner Sherlina Permalloo is just the beginning of a global explosion in Mauritian cuisine.

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