Constance Lémuria coral reef restoration project declared a huge success

We are thrilled to report that our coral reef replanting project off the beach at Constance Lémuria has been declared a huge success by Nature Seychelles.

Restoring the coral reef at Constance Lémuria

Restoring the coral reef at Constance Lémuria

The replanting project run by Nature Seychelles and funded by USAID-UNDP, GEF and Constance Lémuria, was completed only three months ago but already the reef has been declared 100% healthy.

The success is hugely exciting as this was a pilot scheme involving the first large-scale active reef restoration using ‘coral gardening’ in the region.

The project involved growing healthy coral in a coral farm off Cousin Island and transplanting it to the reef at Petite Anse Kerlan which was damaged by the effects of El Niño.

A recent inspection of the reef by Nature Seychelles, headed up by Sarah Frias-Torres, found that the transplanted coral is thriving in its new environment.

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Top Scuba tips from the experts – you!

Manta Ray Adventure, Diving in the Seychelles

Manta Ray Adventure, Diving in the Seychelles

After our very successful Top Honeymoon tips blog sourced from our wonderful Twitter followers.

As we have a lot of interest in diving at our resorts we thought it would be interesting to ask our fans what advice they would give to first time divers.

Here is some of the best advice we received. I would also recommend you have a look at our Diving in the Seychelles video and our blog post on the Top 3 diving sights in the Seychelles.

@ScottDunnTravel says “Remember to always look around you – above as well as below. You never know what might be passing by or cruising overhead.” Juliet, their diving expert, also offers this sound advice ”To improve your air consumption; relax and breathe deeply and slowly – think yoga!”

@honeymoonsblog suggests “PADI courses are a great idea so you don’t spend your valuable holiday time learning the basics. Instead you can dive straight in!”

@Diversdlyte “Stay calm, breathe slowly, stay hydrated, equalise your ears and take the time to enjoy the sights underwater!”

@BSACDivers have some more helpful tips for beginners on their website

Let us know your scuba diving tips in the comments section below…

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Video: diving in the Seychelles: underwater action!

Yesterday, our experts blogged about their top 3 diving locations in the Seychelles – today, we thought we’d whet your appetite a little more and bring you a little video clip taken by sea lovers at our Constance Ephelia Resort.

Click on the image below to visit YouTube and see the Seychelles diving video clip. I don’t know about you, but it’s making us itchy for our next dive experience!

Diving with a Manta Ray, Seychelles

Diving with a Manta Ray