Constance photographer Bamba Sourang launches new art exhibition

Photographer Bamba Sourang, who has taken so many iconic pictures of Constance hotels over the years, is launching his own art exhibition this month.

Bamba Sourang launches new art exhibition in Mauritius

Bamba Sourang launches new art exhibition in Mauritius

The exhibition at the Mauritius Institute Building in the capital Port Louis, will run from 20-26 June 2014.

A launch party celebrating the international artist will be hosted by Constance Hotels & Resorts on 19 June.

Bamba has enjoyed a special relationship with Constance since 2000 when he visited our hotels and resorts across Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles and Madagascar capturing a series of beautiful photographs.

Bamba’s artistic work is a combination of photography and modern art based on his travels around the world. His aim is to battle against what he sees as a growing visual indifference in modern societies.

Born in Senegal and living in France, Bamba was selected last year as one of only 45 artists worldwide to launch the new phase of the Google open Gallery designed to create an international network of artists.

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Google Art Project showcases Constance photographer Bamba Sourang

Photographer Bamba Sourang, who has been working with Constance Hotels & Resorts for a number of years, has been chosen to feature in the launch of the latest phase of the Google Art Project.

Bamba Sourang's beach photography

Bamba Sourang’s beach photography

The Google Cultural Institute analysed the work of thousands of artists from across Europe and selected just 45 to launch this new phase, including Sourang. With this new phase, the Google Art Project will now include all aspects of the art world.

Bamba Sourang’s work with Constance

Born in Senegal and living in France, Sourang has dedicated his life to travelling the world and capturing images which embody the places he’s visited.

It is this unique vision which led us to commission the young photographer, and he has captured moments of pure beauty across each of our hotels and resorts in Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives and Madagascar.

Alongside his photography, Sourang has developed a uniquely personal artistic style to create beautifully abstract and emotive works and it is these works which have caught the attention of the Google Cultural Institute.

Bamba Sourang captures the luxury of the Constance villas

Bamba Sourang captures the luxury of the Constance villas

Constance Hotels & Resorts will be supporting Sourang when he exhibits his work in Mauritius next year.

Google Art Project

The Google Art Project, which already includes all the major museums and cultural centres, is now looking to include a database of all artists, galleries, collectors and patrons across the world.

This latest phase, launched on 11 December 2013 in Paris, is to make arts from around the world accessible to everyone through the Google Art Project portal to include virtual tours, photos, videos and a range of other interactive media.

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