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  • Relax at the Cyann Restaurant.
    Food & Drink

    Recipe: Pineapple citrus blast

    Put a zing into your step this summer with this refreshing iced fruit drink from Constance Ephรฉlia, Seychelles. Ingredients 40ml fresh pineapple (diced in to cubes) 40ml fresh orange (diced in…

  • Constance Ephelia Resort, Seychelles

    Top 5 must see sights in the Seychelles

    There are so many beautiful sites and natural wonders spread across the islands of the Seychelles that it can be hard to know where to start. So before you plan your…

  • Constance Ephโ”œยฎlia, Seychelles

    Best travel-sized beauty products 2014

    Space is always an issue when you’re packing for a luxury beach getaway so here’s our guide to the best travel-sized beauty products out there right now, as recommended by some…

  • Spa at Constance Hotels
    Spa & Sports Style

    6 spa trends for 2014

    In 2014 spas are no longer just about pampering and indulgence. Today’s sophisticated spa goers are looking for a more personal approach. One of the major spa trends this year are…