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  • Spa & Sports Style

    Want a honeymoon with a difference?

    Okay, so you’ve seen a million photos of honeymooners lying by beaches and infinity pools but what if you want something more for your honeymoon? When planning this special time you…

  • Constance Tsarabanjina's Beach Villa

    Wedding rooms with incredible views

    Your first morning as a married couple should be perfect, so imagine waking to warm sunshine and the soothing sounds of the Indian Ocean. If you’re already dreaming of an exotic,…

  • Moments Style

    Christmas fun for kids at Constance

    Wouldn’t it be great if Father Christmas came to a beach near you? Where better for Father Christmas to finish off his Christmas Eve dash around the globe than in the…

  • Food & Drink Style

    How to cook Sous-vide by Michelin-star chef

    Sous-vide cooking is well established in professional kitchens but with domestic sous-vide equipment increasingly available we asked double Michelin-star chef, Lionel Rigolet, to talk us through the new technique. Sous-vide explained…

  • Style

    5 tips for a good night’s sleep

    Sleep is the fuel our bodies need to function at their best but many of us, at some point, will suffer from difficulties in getting or staying asleep. Here is our…