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  • Yoga at Constance Eph├®lia, Seychelles
    Spa & Sports Style

    A journey of a lifetime

    Being stuck indoors in the heat of August can make us hanker for childhood summers when every day brought a new adventure and a chance to try something different. This August,…

  • Constance Ephelia, Seychelles

    Best sunglasses for Summer 2013

    Shield your eyes from the sun without compromising on style. Taking inspiration from Vogue, here’s our guide to the best sunglasses for 2013. 1. Best Aviators Ray-Ban Aviators Ray-Ban have taken…

  • Jing, Constance Halaveli
    Food & Drink Style

    Recipe: Halaveli’s Shrimp Laksa

    Laksa is the traditional dish that comes from the Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine. With the recipe originating in Singapore, our team at Halaveli has adapted it to our customers’ palates. An…

  • Style

    Distinctive hotels and resorts in the Indian Ocean

    Looking for somewhere with a stratospheric wow factor? Indulge your fantasies with this glimpse of the seven Constance Hotels and Resorts in the Indian Ocean. Constance Belle Mare Plage, Mauritius:  …

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    The rich culture of Madagascar

    Embark on an adventure to the remote island of Tsarabanjina and discover the friendly people and rich culture of Madagascar. Take advantage of the one-night stopover on the mainland before travelling…