Golf MCB Tour Championship: Andrew Oldcorn

It is one thing to play a course ‘blind’ in a metaphorical sense, but another altogether when the physical reality of an eye problem can threaten your entire career.

Andrew Oldcorn

Andrew Oldcorn

Andrew Oldcorn understands the difficulties better than most, having been afflicted with a serious eye condition for the second half of the European Senior Tour season which scuppered his hopes of ending the 2011 campaign as Number One.

Following successful surgery in October 2011 to remove a cataract in his right eye, the 52 year old Scot has a clear vision of the future, starting with the season-ending MCB Tour Championship in Mauritius.

Just being able to compete again on an equal footing with his peers on the Senior Tour is a huge relief to Oldcorn, whose inability to see properly caused him to lose ground at the top of the Order of Merit.  

Find out more about Andrew Oldcorn’s story and the MCB Tour Championship from the official website.

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