Fly fishing in Mauritius

Those who dream of fly fishing the clear tropical waters of Mauritius need to research the best spots to cast their flies.

Constance Le Prince Maurice

Constance Le Prince Maurice

Local fishing methods can mean that some species such as Bone Fish are hard to find when fishing from the shore and a guide with information of the local area is invaluable.

Barachois Natural Fish Reserve

One of the best spots on the island for fly fishing is the beautiful mangrove-lined natural salt water fish reserve at Constance Le Prince Maurice.

Fishing on the ‘barachois’ or lake is restricted only to guests of the hotel and as a result there is still good fishing for Bone Fish, Mullet, Barracuda, Carangue and Guil Pavé in the lake.

Guests are advised that the best fishing is early morning (around 6am) or in the afternoon (around 4pm) depending on the tide.

Fishing beyond the reef

Mauritius is surrounded by a beautiful reef and while fly fishing within the reef can be limited, fantastic fly fishing can be done from the reef itself casting out into the water beyond.

To do this you will need a boat to take you to the outer edge of the reef where you can stand to cast your fly into the waves breaking on the reef. The kind of fish you can expect to catch this way include a range of Trevally including GTs.

St Brandon’s Atoll

Over 300km from the mainland the St Brandon’s Atoll is a group of small islands which offer some of the best Bone Fish fishing in the world.

Charter a boat for the journey and fish from the island’s vast white sand flats where other treats include large Bluefin, Golden, Yellow Dot, Green Spot and Giant Trevally and Indo-Pacific Permit.

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