Healthy holiday menu for kids

Discover a family holiday in the Maldives where elegant luxury goes hand in hand with a warm, child-friendly welcome.

On the beach at Halaveli

On the beach at Halaveli

Sit back and relax in a deluxe hotel where you know your children aren’t simply an afterthought, fobbed off with chips and ice cream, but are catered for by top chefs with a healthy holiday menu designed to inspire them.

Halaveli chef Holger Joost believes that the secret to a successful children’s menu is in the combination of fresh healthy ingredients and comfortable tastes and textures kids crave.

‘We treat the kids with just as much attention as the adults, we consider that luxury,’ describes Chef Holger, and that means giving them food they love.

Healthy eating

‘It all has to do with finding the balance between comfort and healthy. So, for example, offering frozen yogurt with berries instead of ice cream – there’s still that comfortable icy-cold feeling but it’s healthy.

‘Instead of soft drinks we are implementing a smoothie program with organic honey – it still has the sweet refreshing taste but none of the preservatives.’

Picky eaters

That’s all very well for most kids but for some parents a major concern about a family holiday can be a child who is reluctant to try new things.

Chef Holger claims fussy eaters don’t faze him, ‘We can cater to any child who has particular aversions to foods. That is what luxury is, tailoring everything to better serve our guests.’

Fresh smoothies at Constance Halaveli, Maldives

Fresh smoothies at Constance Halaveli, Maldives

An organic approach

At Halaveli the children’s menu is almost entirely organic because Chef Holger believes that growing kids need their intake of pesticides limited.

He also slow cooks the food to ensure they get the maximum nutrients from the fresh, organic ingredients. ‘Instead of fast, flash fried food we are cooking foods at a lower temperature for a longer period of time to preserve more nutrients. The main concept is staying away from premade foods and preservatives.’

Sophisticated tastes

Chef Holger recognizes that many of the children who stay at Halaveli are already familiar with the more sophisticated flavours of good dining and he intends to stimulate and satisfy those with a taste for great food.

‘So many kids today are raised to enjoy quality food that most of the time their standards are higher so we cater to those high standards.’

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Luxury family villa: a 5* home away from home

Imagine a family holiday which combines the space and freedom of having your own private family villa with the luxury, indulgence and facilities of staying in a 5* hotel.

Double storey villa at Constance Halaveli Resort

Double storey villa at Halaveli

That illusive combination of style, space, privacy and service with the lavish facilities of a luxury hotel was the inspiration for our villas with their own exclusive butler service, private gardens and pools.

Spend days water skiing, scuba diving, sunbathing, luxuriating in the Spa de Constance.

Travelling with kids

If you’re travelling with your kids, let them experience the adventure that is the Constance Kids’ Club before returning to the peaceful haven of your own villa for precious time reconnecting as a family.

Venture out to explore the variety of delicious dining options or spend a quiet night in around your own table with the in-villa dining option.

Villa butler

Your villa butler will be on hand to organise excursions, book spa treatments, arrange meals as well as seeing to any other needs you and your family might have.

Constance Belle Mare Plage – Mauritius

Relax and unwind in the sumptuous space of our beautiful palm-thatched, two-storey villas set amidst stunning landscaped lakes and gardens close to the beach at the peaceful northern end of the resort.

Constance Lemuria Presidential Villa

Constance Lemuria Presidential Villa, Seychelles

The two double bedrooms are laid-out over two floors so that once you’ve put the kids to bed you can come downstairs and enjoy your evening in the spacious living quarters and outside dining areas without disturbing them.

Children enjoy the private garden with a terrace and pool while older kids can venture out to explore the beach beyond.

Constance Le Prince Maurice – Mauritius

Choose between the ultra luxe space of the beachside villas at Le Prince Maurice or the spacious Family Suites with an extra kids’ bedroom.

High-rafted ceilings, elegant colonial-style decoration and vast, spacious rooms full of light create a stylish boutique vibe. In the villas, kids can play in the private pool or a few steps beyond and they’re on the perfect white sand beach and the calm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Constance Halaveli – Maldives

Enjoy the peace and seclusion of your own two-storey palm-thatched villa set in a garden of verdant palms and tranquil pools. The spacious, cool accommodation is set over two floors giving you and your family room to spread out.

Located on the quiet southern side of the island, all family villas are set on the beautiful beach, a short walk from the hotel’s amenities and Kids’ Club.

Hillside villa at Constance Ephelia Resort, Seychelles

Hillside villa at Ephelia

Constance Ephélia – Seychelles

Set in the lush hills and stunning mangrove forest to the west of the resort and close to the beach, the family villas at Ephélia have two or three bedrooms, sleeping up to six people.

The large gardens with pristine pools and cool, spacious living space laid out in sleek modern woods and stone give the villa an elegant, laid back, welcoming feel.

Presidential villas – for an extra touch of luxury

Experience a little extra luxury in the ultra luxe Presidential Villas at Constance Lémuria, Halaveli, Ephélia, Le Prince Maurice or Belle Mare Plage.

All Presidential Villas include up to three double bedrooms, two swimming pools and staff on hand to look after all you and your family’s needs.

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First class service at our luxury hotels and resorts

Our dedication to offering first-class personal service to all our guests is something that comes up time and again in Trip Advisor and other review sites.

Luxury service from staff at Constance Halaveli, Maldives

Luxury service at Halaveli

From the friendly greeting you receive at reception to touches like the turn-down service in your bedroom, our staff are there to look after your every need.

At Le Prince Maurice, Ephélia and Halaveli, you can even choose from our pillow menu to ensure you get the perfect night’s sleep you crave on holiday. Find out more about getting the best night’s sleep at Constance.

Tailor made experiences

We want you to enjoy a holiday that feels like it was made just for you. If you’re staying in one of our villas, our staff can arrange a private dinner in your villa. At a number of our hotels and resorts, we have unique private dining spaces where you can enjoy an indulgent meal with your friends and family. At Moofushi, a table for two can be set on your very own sandbank.

Kids Club at Constance Le Prince Maurice

Kids Club at Constance Le Prince Maurice

And for the kids…

It’s not just the adults who benefit from the high standards of personal service. At our Constance Kids’ Clubs fully trained and enthusiastic Coordinators lead trips of island exploration, local crafts, culinary activities and scavenger hunts to name a few, encouraging kids to engage with their exciting, exotic holiday location.

Take advantage of our baby-sitting service and enjoy the pleasure of a meal or drink uninterrupted. More about our Constance Kids’ Clubs

Inspired by passion

Our staff love sharing their knowledge. So feel free to talk to our Sommelier about wine, our Spa therapists about the best treatments for you, our fitness instructors about exercise and our diving experts about the best sites to explore in the beautiful ocean.

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Luxury holiday kids’ clubs

We’re upping the stakes in the luxury family holidays sector with the makeover of our complimentary Constance Kids’ Club.

Girl on beach at Constance Halaveli

Girl on beach at Constance Halaveli

With a new name, comes new discovery and memorable experiences to last a lifetime.

Our younger guests aged 4-11 are invited to unleash their spirit and adventure at Constance Kids’ Club, where discovery will be a key part of each daily theme.

Fully trained and enthusiastic Coordinators will be leading trips of island exploration, local crafts, culinary activities and scavenger hunts to name a few, encouraging kids to engage with their exciting, exotic holiday location.

The facility and activities will provide opportunities for children from various countries to interact and play with other children in or around their own age group.

Space to play and be

Our new Kids’ Club areas will give children the space they need to be themselves and take part in what they’re interested in. The clubs will be divided into separate areas to help children feel comfortable and encourage them to take part in the complimentary activities.

The reception area will welcome parents and children to register for the program whether the kids are ready to join in on the fun right then, or come back at another time. Cubbies will be provided for all children.

An open play space will host dance parties, talent shows and even a place to perform a circus for parents. A new theme day will use this space as well as the culinary kitchen where the children will create their own pizzas, make ice cream and enjoy some smoothie sweets and treats.

Children on trampoline at Le Prince Maurice

Family friendly Le Prince Maurice

Arts and Crafts

In the new Arts and Crafts space, the Constance destination will help determine what local crafts the children will be creating. From palm frond weaving to bamboo rain sticks by way of traditional favourites such as decorating cookies and cupcakes.

Computers, Wii and PlayStation

What children’s space wouldn’t be complete without a little technology?

The computer station allows children supervised internet access where they can play games and participate in creative projects. Gamers will also have fun when it comes time for Wii play and PlayStation tournaments.

Outdoor space

For our younger guests whose imagination is at their peak, there is even a space to create their own fun.

Children can enjoy the outdoor space and swimming pools, which provides fun for all ages from swimming relays to tag games.

Opening hours and evenings

Most of our hotels and resorts provide playground equipment that’s available after the club has closed for the day, allowing parents to join in playtime with their children.

The newly remodelled Kids’ Club will be open every day so you can choose whether you would prefer to book the kids in by the hour or for the full day.

You can also indulge in some grown-up time in the evenings with our babysitting service. Or if the kids just want to have more fun then we have a programme of evening entertainment so they can hang out with their friends while you hang out with yours. Kids’ evening programs include Food Frenzy, Minute Madness and a Pajama Party.

Kids club at Constance Hotels  & Resorts

Kids club at Constance

Constance Kids’ Clubs at our hotels and resorts

With an official launch at Constance Belle Mare Plage in Mauritius during the first week in July, the new Constance Kids’ Club will be available at:

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Luxury family holiday at Constance Moofushi and Halaveli

Last year Maria Carlsen and her fiancé Jens Valeur, from Copenhagen, took their young family to Constance Moofushi. Here Maria tells us about their holiday experience.

Relaxing in the hammock at Constance Moofushi, Maldives

Relaxing in the hammock at Moofushi beach villa

Dear Constance

In January 2012 my fiancé and I went to the Maldives with our two boys aged 3 and 7 months.

It had been a dream for our family for a long time to go to the Maldives so my fiancé did a lot of searching on the internet for the perfect resort. When he finally found Moofushi, it really looked like paradise on earth.

Arriving in paradise

Our fantastic journey began when we arrived in Malé where we were overwhelmed by the sight of all the air taxis.

The flight to Moofushi was absolutely stunning – we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw all the beautiful atolls underneath us in the water. This was also the first time we flew with a barefooted pilot.

When we came to Moofushi the excitement just grew bigger. This was the first time we ever went to a place that was more beautiful in real life than in pictures. When we arrived at Moofushi we were met by the most smiling and obliging staff, and were quickly shown the way to our villa.

Constance Moofushi, Maldives

Constance Moofushi from the air

Idyllic beaches

Immediately we went to the beach, which was actually in our backyard since we were staying in a beach villa. It was by far the most beautiful beach we have ever seen.

The first thing our 3-and-a-half-year-old son said was that he wanted to stay here forever. And this was really the feeling we all got when we put our feet in the warm sand for the first time.

Fine dining

The food at the restaurants was really amazing with a wide choice. Normally we never go to all-inclusive resorts and never where they have buffets, but this buffet was on a different scale.

The chefs were so friendly and smiling, everything was clean and the food both looked and smelled fantastic. There was delicious food for all of us which was especially important for us because of our two little boys. We were also surprised at the selection of very good wines and the expert advice we were given on what to choose.

At lunch we enjoyed eating at the beach bar and were very happy to discover that if there was something we wanted that was not on the menu, the Constance staff made sure we could have it anyway.


Water sports

Before we left home I was wondering if it would be possible to stay at such a small island for 12 days without getting bored, but how wrong I was!

Just the fantastic water was enough. The snorkeling around the island was so beautiful we never got tired of watching the fantastic underwater world at Moofushi.

We saw a lot of small sharks and different kinds of rays. We snorkeled with turtles and big manta rays, dolphins and a lot of beautiful fish. We also enjoyed the canoe and the water-cycle.

Family friendly

The staff were amazing with our kids, a lot of them remembered our boys’ names which made our oldest son feel very special. He always ran around with a big baby scarf around his neck and the staff called him superman. When people are this attentive to kids it makes them feel very special and happy, which was exactly the feeling my son got.

A lovely surprise

Beach paradise in the Maldives with Constance Hotels & Resorts

Beach paradise in the Maldives

After five days enjoying Moofushi the receptionist called and asked if we would like to be transferred to Constance’s other Maldivian island hotel, Halaveli.

We had read about Halaveli when we were searching for Maldivian resorts and we remembered it looked amazing. After only a few hours we sat in a big yacht by ourselves with two members of staff on our way to Halaveli.

Constance Halaveli

When we could see Halaveli we saw maybe 8 people in white clothes waving at us from the bridge. It felt very surreal to get such an impressive reception. After the arrival we were shown around the island and taken to our new home for the next 6 days.

Luxury accommodation

The beach villa was quite spectacular. It was huge and had a big beautiful private garden with our own plunge pool and outdoor bathroom. Our son was amazed by having his own pool and was swimming in it several times each day.

Inside the villa was also fantastic, and we took special notice of the pillow menu and its many pages.

At Constance Hotels & Resorts, photo by Maria Carsen

On the beach

Relaxing in paradise

For the next few days we enjoyed the extremely beautiful pool by the restaurant and all the breathtakingly good food.

The restaurant at Halaveli was really quite amazing. Our 7-month-old son and he was served the most amazing homemade babyfood I have ever seen – delicious fish with shrimps, different kinds of mashed vegetables, all kinds of fruits.

The food in general was fantastic. Every night there was a different theme at the buffet – Japanese, Indian, Italian… The sushi was so fantastic we had it almost every day for lunch. The breakfast was also a fantastic way to start the day with all the different kinds of bread, cereals, eggs and fruits.

Friendly expert service

Everyday we had a long conversation with the sommelier at the restaurant who was so friendly and who offered us the most fantastic wines. He always remembered which kind of wines we each liked and had a lot of good suggestions as to what we should try next. He even offered to show us the wine cellar at Halaveli.

All the staff in the restaurant were extremely happy, friendly and accommodating. They always took time to talk with us and our children. Every night we were at the restaurant for at least an hour and a half (which all people with kids know can be difficult).

There was also a great ‘kindergarden’ for the kids where we could take the kids to play if they needed a break from the sun. One time we had a babysitter to look after the boys while we went to the fantastic spa. The babysitter was amazing with the kids and we felt very safe with her watching our little ones.

Constance Moofushi, Maldives

Constance Moofushi, Maldives

We had an amazing massage from two smiling masseurs while we were looking down at all the beautiful fish swimming underneath us.

Family adventure at Halaveli

As we did at Moofushi, we also made use of all the different activities at Halaveli. My fiance went wakeboarding with a great instructor, and we all went in the boat.

Everyday we went for walks around the island and we never got tired of watching the beautiful beach and the breathtaking clear blue water.

It was amazing to watch the rays lying at the waters edge in the sunset. A few times we participated in the feeding of the fish by staff from the jetty. It gave us the chance to experience sharks, rays and tunas up close. This was incredible, especially for our 3 year old.

Both at Moofushi and Halaveli my fiancé went diving and this was a fantastic and unforgettable experience for him. He saw huge manta rays and a lot of dolphins. He also had fun with drift-diving.

Maria Carlsen and Jens Valeur holiday at Constance Moofushi and Halaveli

Barefoot in the sand

Holiday of a lifetime

Our vacation in the Maldives at Constance resorts, Moofushi and Halaveli was honestly the most fantastic and memorable vacation for all of us.

The Maldives is the most beautiful place we have ever seen in the world and we have travelled a lot in Asia, America and Europe.

We are planning to go back to the Maldives in January or February 2014 and are seriously considering going back to Constance Paradise at Moofushi or Halaveli and experiencing our paradise once again….

Maria and Jens.

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Find out why we think at Constance luxury and family go together.




Top family holidays in the Indian Ocean

Discover a luxury resort where stylish surroundings and a family-friendly space are not mutually exclusive, and you’ll never look at family holidays in the same way again.

Family holidays at Constance Belle Mare Plage, Mauritius

Family holidays at Belle Mare Plage

At Constance hotels and resorts we blend an exuberant dash of luxury with a genuinely warm welcome to children.

Our Unique resorts – Ephélia, Moofushi, Belle Mare Plage and Tsarabanjina – have become havens for families looking for a bolt-hole where they can experience exciting new adventures together and then kick back to enjoy the kind of service you dream of when you’re back home.

The choice you make will depend on what features high on your family’s must-have list. Here’s a look at what you’ll find at our Unique resorts.

Choice of accommodation

Luxury villas
Enjoy your family holiday with plenty of space and privacy around you in one of our private villas. At Ephélia and Belle Mare Plage you can indulge in the added luxury of your very own villa master who will see to all of your family’s needs. Share breakfast in your own outside dining area, lounge by your own pool, watch the kids play in your private garden and then head down to the beach or to one of a selection of restaurants for lunch.

Spacious suites
Smaller families will relish the space of the elegant suites at Belle Mare Plage and Ephélia with plenty of room to sleep two adults and a child. For bigger groups it’s also possible to book interconnecting suites where the family can enjoy the space of their own seating area, fully furnished balcony and room for everyone to relax after a day on the beach.

Kids’ clubs and babysitting service

Constance Moofushi, Maldives

Constance Moofushi, Maldives

Take time out for yourself knowing your kids are well looked after. We offer a babysitting service at Moofushi, Ephelia and Belle Mare Plage. The kids’ clubs at Belle Mare Plage and Ephélia are a great way for your children to make friends and have adventures of their own. Activities for 4-12 year olds include:

  • Guided excursions around the island
  • Glass-bottom boat trips
  • Underwater sea walks
  • Painting and craft activities
  • Games and competitions
  • Crab hunting

Chidlren love trying new things so let them seize the opportunity. While with us they can try:

  • Cookery classes with our chefs
  • Yoga on the beach
  • Children’s spa sessions
  • Classes in traditional island dance
  • Golf lessons at Belle Mare Plage
  • Scuba diving with trained instructors

Fun and games

Zip wire at Constance Ephelia, Seychelles

Zip wires at Constance Ephelia

Share the fun and remember the joy of laughing out loud while you try something new with the whole family. Whether it’s the exhilaration of our zip wires and natural rock-climbing wall at Ephélia or snorkelling with the kids for the first time in the waters of Madagascar, you’ll be creating the memories of a lifetime.

Family activities at our Unique resorts include:

  • Tennis
  • Sailing
  • Snorkelling
  • Kayaking and Hobby Cat
  • Beach volleyball
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Table tennis

Kids food

Family meals at Constance Hotels & Resorts

Family meals at Constance

There’s nothing like watching your kids devour a plate of delicious, fresh cooked food, particularly when you don’t have to cook it yourself. All our Unique resorts offer children’s menus at times when your kids are hungry. Designed to appeal to young appetites our kids’ menus are created with fresh, healthy ingredients which will keep you and your little ones happy.

All inclusive

Older kids love the independence of hanging out at the bar with their friends ordering fruit smoothies and snacks, watching movies in the villa or challenging friends to various games. At Tsarabanjina and Moofushi our all inclusive Cristal package means you can give them the freedom of the resort without worrying about the bill. They may even reward you for their new independence by delivering fruit juices to you on your sunbed.

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Constance Tsarabanjina, Madagascar

Constance Tsarabanjina

Visit our website to find out more about each of our Constance hotels and resorts in the Indian Ocean.

Our Ultimate Hotels offer high-end luxury in beautifully designed spaces. Families return year after year to experience the delights on offer. Find out more about holidays at Constance Le Prince Maurice, Constance Halaveli and Constance Lémuria.

Take a look at our Constance readers’ tips for what to take on a family holiday

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