A foodie's Christmas wish list – Staub cookware

If you’re looking for the perfect present for the foodie in your life, look out for top quality, quirky Staub cookware.

Staub cocotte

Staub cocotte

Bruno Le Gac, our Corporate Executive Chef, gives us the lowdown on the pick of the crop from their latest range.

Cast iron cocottes from brand Staub are great and absolutely beautiful. They exist in plenty of cool colours and can be used for anything you want.

  • Mini cocottes to serve individual garnishes or sauces, soufflés or desserts. Gorgeous!
  • Large cocottes to cook your traditional family stew or basically anything you want. Get it in white for a modern twist or in titanium grey for a ‘techno’ look!
Pumpkin cocotte from Staub cookware

Pumpkin cocotte from Staub cookware

  • The cow cocotte. Braised beef brisket with sweet chili, capsicum and rosemary. Served with polenta.
  • The heart cocotte. For a special romantic dinner. The good thing with cast iron is that you just slide the cocotte in a gentle oven and food cooks by itself.
  • The pumpkin cocotte. Ideal for a ginger-flavoured pumpkin soup with garlic croutons.
  • The rooster cocotte. Great to serve a whole chicken basted with herbs with an onion jus.

Looking for inspiration?

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