The DNA of a Golf Course

More than 60 million people play the little white ball game, making golf the most practised individual sport in the world.

But what’s the anatomy of a golf course? Are they just naturally stunning greens in luxury locations or is there a strategy behind a good golf course?

Golf courses – a balance between nature and design

lemuria golf constance hotels luxury hotels

Lemuria luxury golf course - not just nature!

‘A golf course must be interesting to a player, the player must fight against it, it must be a challenge, not an ordeal!’ says Michel Benedetti – and he should know. He conceives and builds golf courses. In fact, he’s built more than a hundred courses in the world, including The Links and the Lémuria.

A golf course has 9 or 18 holes, fairways, roughs, greens, trees, flowers and a host of other wildlife. But underneath this delightful and seemingly effortless veneer of nature, lies meticulous planning and strategy.

The whole course has been designed and constructed, hole by hole, yard by yard, to ensure a varied and exciting golfing experience. It has to work for both professionals and amateurs.

A truly great golf terrain is thought out in meticulous detail and is a delicate marriage of design, architecture and nature.

Design and architecture of a golf course

lemuria golf constance hotels

Lemuria luxury golf course - design and landscaping

A great golf course unites the elements: water, the lines of the ground, the subsoil – all in an area of fifty hectares for an 18-holes.

To begin with, designers need a good plot of land. The lie of the land itself and its irrigation systems will affect the end design of a course. But land can and is shaped by designers and architects to create the golf course they have in mind.

Like a car, a golf course can be a Ferrari, a Mercedes or simply a good touring car – it’s all down to good design and architecture.

Earthwork, drainage, canalisation, irrigation, grass, turf and fairway covering, sandpits – the list of things that go into creating and building a complex, luxury golf course are numerous.

Michel Benedetti says of his designers and architects: “we are a like experts out when we build a golf course; it’s a sum of our knowledge and experience which speaks.”

The maturity of a golf course

When it comes to nature, it’s not just the view and location that are important – so is the grass, plants, trees and foliage.

If you think of the earth and grass as the ‘mattress’ the golf ball bounces on, you can start to see how different grasses and soils have an effect on the ‘bounce’ of your little white ball.

The development of the roots and the density of the different types of grass selected for a golf course is essential – as is the soil quality. The maturity period or “growing establishment” of grass is also vital – get this wrong and the whole course could fail.

Ecology and golfing

moonfushi golf course constance hotels

Ecology and golfing can go hand in hand

In the coming years, ecology is going to become more and more important to golf courses all over the world. A lot of research is already taking place to develop hybrid types of grass which will need lees fertilizers and less water – perfect for golf locations in hot, dry enviroments.

Equipment for golf course will increasingly rely on solar energy to offset the use of oils and motor engines or diesel which are currently favoured.

Saving endangered species of plants is also something many golf course designers are thinking about.

By combining natural beauty with expert design and architecture with an eye for conservation and ecology, golf course designers are able to give to golfers the best of everything: the feeling of playing among trees, an exceptional environment and the perfect technical golf course.

About Constance Hotels Golf Resorts

Constance Hotels Experiences has contributed a number of our own courses in our  hotels in Mauritius and Seychelles – they are renowned destinations for golf in the sun.

The Legend and The Links in Mauritius and The Lémuria in Seychelles are recognised the world over for both their architectural excellence and their idyllic settings.

Create your own luxury spa experience

spa stones

Luxury spa hot stones: don't try this at home!

Can’t wait for your luxury spa holiday to start? Just back from a luxury spa holiday and suffering withdrawal symptoms?

We’ve put together some tips for you to enjoy the pampering of a spa holiday from the comfort of your own home. Okay, so it’s not going to be quite the same exclusive experience, but it’s a start.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

If you’re going to enjoy the spa experience at home, make sure you have some time alone and that nobody is going to disturb you. This is your day and you need time to enjoy it.

Candles, bath oils, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, nail polish, nail files, face packs, bath robes, slippers – there’s a lot of planning to do to make your home spa experience complete. Preparation is everything!

Have a relaxing bath

Choose the right bath foam or oil for you – scented oil, a bath bomb, bath salts or aromatherapy oils. Why not have some scented candles in the room, or for a real sense of the luxury spa experience, use some floating candles and petals in the bath water.

Don’t rush this part of your spa experience – get a bath pillow, sit back and enjoy a precious few moments of calm. If the water cools down, top it up with more hot water and take a few more minutes.

Take a shower

Yes, you’ve had a bath, but that was for relaxation purposes. Now shower yourself off and shampoo and condition your hair. Why not choose more luxurious products that your usual ones for that extra special sheen?

While you’re relaxing, shave your legs and armpits then use a body scrub or loofah to exfoliate before using a scented bodywash before rinsing and towelling yourself down.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise

If you want to, now’s the time for a facemask. Otherwise, now you’re relaxed and clean, cleanse and tone your face. Either use your favourite cleanser and toner or get one you haven’t tried before that suits your skin type.  Now it’s time to moisturise – not just your face but your entire body. Don’t rush it – take your time and enjoy it.

Now, put on your bath robe and comfy slippers. Your ready for hair and nails.


Before getting to your hair, pluck your eyebrows while your pores are still open. Brush and style your hair – why not try something different – if you normally wear your hair up, let it down – or vice versa.


Clean off any nail polish from your hands, moisturise and file your nails before painting them. Why not choose a different shade to normal?

While your doing your finger nails, why not soak your feet in a salt water bath, before rubbing on some foot balm and painting your toe nails?

Other luxuries

Get some of your favourite magazines in – while you’re waiting for your toenails to dry, sit down with a cup of tea – or a glass of wine – and read. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Customer Reviews: there's free wifi and internet

Our guests give us a lot of feedback about our hotels, resorts and the luxury experience we offer. We thought it would be a good idea to share this feedback with you if you’re planning a special trip:

If you’re lying on the beach loungers, they bring food and/or drink to you

pool view belle mare plage hotel constance hotels

Constance Belle Mare Plage Hotel, Mauritius

“If you’re lying on the beach loungers, they will bring food and /or drink to you – just put the blue flag into your parasol pole, next to the number sign – this actually works very well.”

Read this review of the Constance Belle Mare Plage Hotel on Trip Advisor website.

There is free internet and wifi in the cocktail lounge

“There is free internet in the courtesy lounge at the front of the hotel, and also wi-fi in the cocktail bar if you have your I-pod etc with you.”

Read this review of the Constance Belle Mare Plage Hotel on Trip Advisor website.

We’ve enjoyed walks along the beach

belle mare plage beach photograph

Luxury beach holidays in the sun

“We also enjoyed a couple of walks along the beach – South to the public beach to take photos of the sunset over the hotel, and also North to the One & Only Hotel, which is a really nice walk (if the tide is out!)”

Read this review of the Constance Belle Mare Plage Hotel on Trip Advisor website.

Free, twice daily trip for both snorkeling and glass-bottomed boat.

“The hotel do a free twice-daily trip for both snorkelling and glass-bottomed boat. There are tennis courts, but you need to hire racquets and buy balls.”

Read this review of the Constance Belle Mare Plage Hotel on Trip Advisor website.

Happy hour!

“Happy hour is every day between 7pm-8pm and 9pm-10pm at the main bar with selected drinks included (look out for the red dots).”

Read this review of the Constance Ephilia Resort on Trip Advisor website.

We arrived early on the first day and jumped in a taxi to the supermarket

“While we were waiting for our room to be prepared when we arrived early on the first day, we jumped into a taxi and headed to the Winners Supermarket in Flacq (about 10 minute drive away). We paid 900 Rupees (£20) for a return trip but found it was well worth it. I’m not sure if you can haggle with the taxi drivers outside the hotel – I’ve heard differing opinions on that! We stocked up on water, soft drinks, wine and beer and that worked perfectly.”

Read this review of the Constance Belle Mare Plage Hotel on Trip Advisor website.

My husband thoroughly enjoyed games of golf

luxury golf holidays

Luxury golfing holidays

“We had chosen the CBMP primarily because of the two golf courses attached to the hotel. Golf is free but you are obliged to take a buggy at 990 Rupees/ £21. My husband thoroughly enjoyed two games on each of the courses, and would return without question!”

Read this review of the Constance Belle Mare Plage Hotel on Trip Advisor website.

Meet France’s best young sommelier

wine glassesJonathan Bauer- Monneret is a brilliant, enthusiastic and talented sommelier – and we are lucky enough to have him as part of our team at the Belle Mare Plage Hotel in Mauritius.

To the envy of his contemporaries – and 150 other contenders – Jonathan was hailed as France’s Best Young “sommelier’ in 2009 – aged just 24. It was a fiercely fought battle, with a number of rounds, including knowledge and technical tests as well as demonstratios of practical skills.

“Jonathan is a great laureate! We have witnessed the demonstration of a man loving his profession and who still admires the wine world and the profession of ‘sommelier’”, says Serge Dubs, chairman of the UDSF (Union de la Sommellerie Française).

About Jonathan

Born on the 25th July 1985 in Strasbourg, Jonathan went on to study at Illkirch hotel school. He initially wanted to become a cook but changed his plans and, guided by his taste for contacts and sharing, chose to be a wine waiter.

He quickly mastered the different vineyards of the Alsace region in northern France and in 2006 he joined our wine waiter team at the Constance Hotels Experience.

Jonathan now has a fantastic knowledge of the wines of the new world – but he’s always learning and increasing his expertise while working alongside Jérôme Faure.

“We work at the Blue Penny Café with a wine list of 300 French wines and some 300 more from different countries of the southern hemisphere,” says Jonathan.

Jonathan is determined, ambitious and always smiling – and he loves his work.  He has a bright future ahead of him and Constance is very happy to have him as part of our friendly, expert team.

The Jewel Island: Constance Moofushi


moofushi resort, maldivesMoofushi in the Maldives is one of the jewels in Constance Hotels Experience’s crown. Situated on the western Ari Atoll, the resort is widely regarded as one of the best diving spots in the world. It combines the “Crusoe-Chic” barefoot elegance of a deluxe resort with the exceptional standards of Constance Hotels Experience.

One of its core appeals is the fact that Constance Moofushi Resort offers an all-inclusive package that starts at lunch time on day of arrival and ends after breakfast on day of departure.

With 110 land and water villas to choose from set in an intimate location of pure lagoons, sandbanks and woodlands, it offers a rare experience for its visitors.

If you choose our stilted accommodation, you’ll get privileged access to the sea and much longed for privacy – especially if you’re on honeymoon.

A true pearl in the middle of the Maldives Archipelago, the island of Moofushi Hotel is called The Jewel Island. The exclusive luxury island offers bars and restaurants as well as exclusive spas on the water.

The island’s butterfly design and daring architecture has been developed by Jean-Michel d’Unienville (Mauritius) and Marc Hertrich (France). Careful consideration has been taken to preserve the environment through efficient and non-polluting materials.

moofushi lanternThe intimate green jewel is strewn with coconut trees extending along pontoons leading to incredible and luxurious suites built above the ocean. The focus is on luxury without being flashy. The beauty of the island location is paramount.

Think luxury and simplicity – wood, ropes, hanging bottles for an original light effect, lamps in the spirit of the marine lanterns, huge trunks like wardrobes in the villas and many other surprises.

The suites and the rooms have sculpted wooden furniture with bamboo bed heads and panels of worked-out wood, basins in rough stone, linen and other weft material, ropes and wrought vegetal fibres.

The resort opened in November 2010 and it has already become a favourite location with Constance Hotels Experience customers.

Find out more information about the Constance Moofushi Resort in Maldives.